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Nowadays, having a blog whether it is corporate one or a personal one is essential to communicate on the internet. Well written articles allow to increase a brand notoriety. However, thousands of well-written articles are written every day and you need to know to how to stand out. Here are a few tips to write nice and original articles in order to increase the traffic of your website.

1. A catchy title

Like for any article, the title is essential. It is the key element that summarizes the article and that makes your users want to click and read the article, or not. The more the title is catchy, the more it will attract users. It will give them a teaser about the content of the article. In order to have the perfect title, a few criteria are important:

– The specificity : be precise and avoid vague advices

– The creativity : humor and originality are your allies

– Be concise: not too long, not too short, be clear!

– Unique : don’t try to copy/paste a competitor or a referent, it might be detrimental to you

– Understanding: use a vocabulary that everyone will understand

After the title, the catchphrase…

The catchphrase is as important as the title, because those first lines will influence the user into pursuing or not its reading. The storytelling or a relevant question can be good strategies to start an article. It must be clear and pertinent in order to inform the user about the content of your article.

2. Knowing how to make your case

Giving information is great, but elaborating and giving details as well as facts is even better ! The argumentation that follows your statements is necessary: indicate your sources at the bottom of your article, quote, and insert images. In other words prove that your article is authentic and documented.

Don’t be afraid to write too much

It is never enough when you want to learn! There is not an exact number of words for a perfect article, you only need an enough diversified and substantial content. Be precise and don’t be afraid of long paragraphs. Of course, you need to find the good balance between too long and too short articles. Going over the subject too quickly will not be interesting for the visitor and a 5 pages one will bore him. It is important to alternate and find the in-between.

To know if an article is good, rely on the statistics

You need to be able to read your statistics to know which articles/themes were a hit and why. You need to refer to the click rate, comments, shares etc. It will guide you for your next articles and help you to constantly improve yourself. Do not hesitate to create a report with your statistics in order to follow the evolution of your blog, it will lead you in how to have a more and more successful blog.

3. Your audience and only your audience !

Choose a language and a ton that your users are expecting! No need to use a too complicated wording, you could lose them more than anything else! You are here to give advices, help them with some tips, and give your opinion so use a simple and relaxed ton.

Organize the reading

Indeed, all of your articles will never be read entirely by your visitors. That is why it is important for you to organize your content.
First, it is necessary to prioritize your content for reader clarity. Add titles and subtitles marked as bold italic to make the theme stand out. Then, avoid way too long phrases and paragraphs to not bore the user. Finally, illustrations through pictures are always appreciated and give more clarity to your article.
Don’t hesitate to end by a conclusion that will mark the end of your article.


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