URGENT ! : The ADS.TXT file, the new mandatory international standard to monetize your website


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ads.txt file written on a computer to secure the content

ADS.TXT is the IAB brand new measure initiated to reinforce the online advertising transparency. Thanks to this new file, which has to be placed by the publishers, a new level of trust between publishers and advertisers is established.


If you have already integrated an ADS.TXT file with other partners than The Moneytizer on your website, it’s important that you add our whole file in your existing one, in order to be able to broadcast advertising through our platform.


What is ADS.TXT?

ADS.TXT is a text file that each website(s) owner, who is monetizing his audience with advertising, must integrate as quickly as possible. Launched by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) in June in order to fight against illegitimate publishers’ fraud, this new standard is primordial for the transparency of online advertising. Most advertisers have now stopped buying ads on websites that did not placed the ads.txt file


The file lists all the advertising actors allowed to broadcast/buy advertising campaigns on your pages.


What additional securities for the publisher and for the advertiser?

By integrating this file at the root directory of the website, it is impossible for a publisher to be “impersonated” on his website.


Example: The owner of a pornographic website can’t work with “general public’” advertising networks. Consequently, the person signs up on a monetization platform such as The Moneytizer by providing a fake url corresponding to a news website. The tags provided by the advertising network can now be placed on the pornographic website instead of the news website. By forcing the publisher to place the ADS.TXT file on the news website, it is certain that the person owns the website.


For the advertiser, ADS.TXT ensures to broadcast his advertising campaigns on the desired website and therefor to purchase the inventory at a higher price, by being certain of the content of the website(s) targeted.


With such transparency between the advertiser and the publisher, the new standard will mechanically allow the various actors to increase their incomes. The advertiser will no longer loose budget on fraudulent websites while the publisher will benefit from the additional budget and sell his inventory at the best price.

Even if this initiative is still brand-new, it is sure that the conclusion will be the following:



How to integrate the ADS.TXT file on my website?

In the aim of selling advertisement spaces of your website always at the highest price, it is essential to integrate the file provided by The Moneytizer in the root directory of your website. Here is a detailed process.

A. Log in to your “The Moneytizer” personal space following this link: https://us.themoneytizer.com/manager/login/

B. From the “TAGS” tab, download your website’s ads.txt file. Caution, if you have more than one website, each one has its own file.

Download your ads.txt file in your Moneybox

C. To communicate with you server, you need to use an ftp client software. One of the most famous of the market is “Filezilla”. You can download it for free for PC or MAC from the official website: : https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client

D. Once the setup is over, launch the software. The presentation is the following: on the left, you will find the content of your computer and on the right the content of your server (files of your website) once the connection will be set.

E. To log in to your website, click on “File”, then “Websites Managers”. At the bottom, click on “New Website” and name your website. Fill the following fields with the FTP codes given by your web hosting company.

In the drop-down menu “Authentication type”, select “Normal”.
Host: the ip of the server (FTP Server).
Username: your hosting login.
Password: your hosting password

Once completed, click on “Quickconnect”. Files of your website now appear in the right-hand window of the Filezilla software. In it, click on “www” (or equivalent for another web hosting company) to access to the root of your website. If you use WordPress on your website, you will see the file “wp-content” (cf picture above).

E. On the left-hand window (of your computer), do a right-click on the ads.txt file that you have downloaded and click on “Send”. The file is directly transferred on the root directory of your website.


H. To verify that the file has been correctly placed on your website, you just have to write the following address in your browser: http(s)://www.nameofyourwebsite.com/ads.txt

You have a question or are facing issues to insert your file ? Our team is at your entire disposal to help you.

Contact us on our online chat located in your personal space.

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