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Trading desks are one of the more complex concepts when it comes to programmatic advertising. In general, trading desks are a centralized service that manages bidding and audience buying. Their purchases happen in real time and works similarly to a trading desk on the stock exchange, using an auction system to increase prices on popular spots.

Benefits of Trading Desks

Trading desks can target publishers more accurately using specific criteria to ensure that the best matches are made. Because of this, inventory choices can become more selective and advertisers can reduce the risk of purchasing unwanted or unnecessary impressions and audiences.

Trading desks can also explore the data more thoroughly when it comes to advertising insights.  This can help increase effectiveness of ad purchases and provide recommendations for advertising and marketing initiatives. They can also often provide a better ROI than advertisers could secure on their own.

Overall, trading desks are designed to help advertisers get more value from their advertising.

Consider these Trading Desk Downsides

As with most services, there are a few downsides when it comes to trading desks. First of all, some people consider trading desks to have a conflict of interest as they act as agent and vendor for their clients. Sometimes trading desks do not provide detailed information as to how the campaigns are converting and their general statistics.

These concerns can easily be alleviated by working more closely with your trading desk representative. They can show you a fuller picture of what is working on your campaign and how transactions are being completed.

Trading desks can help advertisers and publishers make smarter decisions when it comes to paid media. They spend all of their time focused on the buying and selling of advertising, which often leads to a deeper knowledge of the industry so they can help you be more informed.

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