Benefits of Different Ad Units


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Benefits of Different Ad Spaces

Here at The Moneytizer, we offer a variety of different ad units, depending on what will work best for your individual website. In some cases, certain ad units can be more captivating than others, which means they might generate more revenue for you. In the same way, not all ad formats are ideal for all websites. Chances are you already know what types of ads are best suited for your website, but we can help you find out if you don’t know. Let’s take a look at the three primary types of ad units.

Standard Ad Units: Why They’re Effective

The most common and most popular ad units are things like the megabanner, skyscraper, half page and billboard. Because these are the most popular ads, most advertiser will have ads designed for these sizes, just waiting to advertise on your website. This means it makes sense to include at least a few of these ad units somewhere on your site. These ads are generally non-intrusive and are located on the edges of the site, rather than interrupting content in the middle.

High Impact Ad Units: The Advantage

A newer form of ad unit, the high impact ad units like a skin, footer, recommended content or native article ad are also gaining popularity. These ads are called high impact because they are more efficient at converting viewers. Whether they are dazzling like the skin format, innovative and non-intrusive like the footer, or convenient like recommended content, these ads are efficient and impactful and will deliver high conversion rates. The native article is one of the most requested units here at The Moneytizer, because the ads automatically insert themselves onto your site.

Video Ad Units: Gaining Popularity

It is no secret that video advertisements are quickly growing. They are the best generator of digital ad revenue, and we offer two options for video ads. The In-text ads automatically begin playing when the video appears on the user’s screen. Pre-roll advertisements play before a video that the user has selected to play. Video advertisements convert well now and will likely only get better in the future.

For a complete list of all the ad units we offer, make sure you visit our ad units page. No matter what type of ad unit you choose to implement, our team at The Moneytizer is here to help ensure your ads will be filled and generating income. Begin optimizing your ad revenue with the right ad units today.

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