Can Embedding Video Increase Revenue?


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Many studies have shown that video is quickly growing in terms of popularity online. We’ve talked before about how video advertising can help increase your CPM and overall revenue. However, not all videos on websites have to be created by the publisher. There are a couple of options.

Publishers can put their own uniquely filmed or created videos on their websites. They can showcase new products, give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at a factory, or introduce the viewers to the management team. Another type of video is borrowed video, or video content from a third party content creator that the website has posted on their site.

Two Ways Websites Can Show Videos

There are different ways that websites can showcase videos. Both of these types of video can be either embedded or uploaded. Video that has been uploaded is stored and hosted on your website, these are the types of videos that you can pre-roll ads on. Embedded video, on the other hand, has been uploaded to a third-party site, whether that’s YouTube or Vimeo or another source, and then linked to your website. Embedding is a special form of linking that shows the video on your web page, rather than directing the user away to the third-party site.

Why Would You Embed Video?

Embedded video is often better optimized for a high-quality viewing experience, because the video-hosting site can handle that more effectively. By having your video on an outside site, you are also increasing the net for potential viewers, as web users searching on YouTube could come across it.

Embedded Video Increases Engagement

Having video on your website will increase the time spent on your site. In fact, visitors spent an average of 2.6x more time on a page if it included a video. When visitors spend more time on your site, they are more likely to engage with your posts and be served ads. Having a good video strategy, so that videos match the pages they are shown on, can improve engagement and increase ad revenue.

It’s always better to create and embed your own videos – that way you get the video’s ad revenue. If you can’t make your own videos, showing externally-created videos is okay, because it will keep visitors on your site longer, increasing their chances of seeing other ads.

Pre-roll Ads on Embedded Videos

Ads on all videos will likely have a high viewership because visitors are more likely to interact with a video as opposed to a banner ad.

Overall, including embedded videos is a great way to earn ad revenue, as long as it’s your video in a 3rd party player you can add pre-roll ads to it. If you upload a video from an outside content creator, you will not earn revenue from any ads shown on that video while on your site. That revenue goes to the video owner and YouTube.

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