COVID-19: 5 tips for better management


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The crisis generated by COVID-19 has sent us all into a period of uncertainty. The results of this situation has shown that unfortunately there are no answers for everything and we are learning every day the effects of this crisis in all sectors.

As far as our domain is concerned, at The Moneytizer we have thought of some keys that can help you to better overcome this period, to optimize your website and to communicate with your audience.

1. It’s a complicated period… for everyone

All the players in advertising have been affected by this crisis. Agencies, media, advertisers, publishers, platforms… No one is unaffected by this new scenario. Therefore, please be patient and understand that in such a complicated period everything can be altered: deadlines are longer, responses can take longer… Be patient. We are all in this together.

2. We must think about the future

Even if the confinement and the measures taken by the governments seem to us to be endless, there will be an end sooner or later. That is why we recommend that you start thinking about the future and not get stuck in this situation. Think about new content for your website, create a batch of articles to be published later or even think about a new design to give a fresh air to your blog. It’s also time to reflect!

3. Take advantage of this opportunity to optimize your advertising

The day-to-day keeps us busy and we may not pay attention to how the advertising on our website is working. Now that you presumably have more time, analyze how advertising is working on your website. Download the statistics in your personal space and see how each format is working. Do not hesitate to remove those that are not giving good results or to improve the visibility of those that are still hidden. You already know that the visibility of the formats is a key factor in 2020.

4. Communicate more than ever

Don’t stop communicating with your visitors. It has been proven that in times of crisis communication plays a very important role. Create a newsletter if necessary. Make a special campaign. Share news articles if necessary. Your Audience would love to know your there! The lack of advertising campaigns and the drop in CPM will have negative effects on advertising revenues. This is clear. That is why it is important to make your visitors aware now of the importance of advertising to overcome this crisis. Educate them about the negative effect of using adblockers that prevent ads from being displayed and take advantage of this to engage in responsible use of formats, without resorting to invasive advertising, to ensure an optimal experience on your website.

Remember, if you need help optimizing your website, our team is available through the usual channels. They are working remotely and can help you by email or in our chat room. You can also book a call.

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