Digital Ad Spend Will Top the Charts in 2019


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It’s no secret that digital ads are increasing in popularity. Whether you’re thinking of video ads, display ads, or any other sort of advertisement on the Internet, they have been becoming more relevant over the past few years. These trends are showing no signs of stopping, and the growth of digital ads will continue to increase this year.

In fact, eMarketer has predicted that digital ad spend will be higher than traditional ad spend in 2019. If this prediction comes true, this will be the first time that this has happened. Mobile ad spending will also continue to increase, making up more than 60% of digital ad spend.

What Does this Mean for Advertisers?

If you aren’t already focusing your advertising efforts online, now is the time to start. As digital advertising continues to expand, ad space will continuously become more and more limited. With publishers putting a bigger priority on their visitors’ experiences, it’s unlikely that the next big move will be to add more ad slots to every website and page on the web.

Investing in digital advertising is the smart move anyway for a number of reasons. Not only are people are spending more time online, but digital ads can easily be tracked, making retargeting easy and effective. Advertisers as a whole are turning away from print and directory-based advertising, so unless you know for sure that your ideal customers are seeing your ads, it might be time to direct your budget to the online world.

What Does this Mean for Publishers?

As advertisers focus more of their budgets in the online space, premium ad space will continue to become more valuable. Attract high-quality advertisers that align with your brand and messaging by creating a strong website and audience that will be valuable to them.

It’s important to note that the majority of these predictions are based on the ads that will be purchased from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Verizon – the five biggest companies for ad revenue share.

While this prediction is news, it certainly isn’t surprising. Digital ad spend has been growing consistently, and people aren’t responding as well to traditional ads like print anymore. Even television ads are predicted to go down in spending, with an exception in 2020 because of the U.S. presidential election.

With these traditional ad forms losing steam, advertisers are making digital ad spend even more important for their companies. If you’re looking to improve your ability to sell ad space in a simple and profitable way, reach out to us. Get started with The Moneytizer today and capitalize on these growing trends.

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