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It is official, Chrome will now flag every HTTP websites. We advise you to switch your website to the HTTPS protocol as soon as possible. Why is it important to use this protocol? Simply because it is using encryption to protect the data sent by your users to your servers.

From July 2018, every website not using the HTTPS protocol will be considered as unsafe by Chrome (version 68).

HTTPS is constantly evolving, at the expense of HTTP websites

Since the security protocol has been existing, a majority of owners of website have migrated to it. Nowadays, 68% of Chrome’s traffic on Android and on Windows comes from https websites. Moreover, ¾ of the top 100 most famous websites are using https protocol.


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As Google stated, “Using the https protocol has never been easier and affordable, and it will unlock both improvements of performances and new functionalities too sensitive with http”. Remember that it can be dangerous for users to proceed to any financial transaction on an http website. Indeed, on a website with the http protocol, the transactions are not encrypted and easier to hack.


For the past 2 years, Google has been trying to force its entire network of websites to migrate to the https protocol by using Chrome as a leverage. The goal is to frighten a little the websites not willing to move to https.

WordPress as well as other webhosting platforms said that some functionalities will be from now one only available for websites with https protocol.

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