Growth of Programmatic Mobile Advertising


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Programmatic, or digitally-purchased, ads are on the rise. It makes sense, since programmatic advertising automates the whole process, making it easier for advertisers to target the right viewers at the right time. Programmatic works for ads of all kinds – banner, video, skyscraper…but they’re also great for mobile ads. Let’s take a deeper look at mobile ads and programmatic.

Programmatic Mobile Ad Statistics

A projection by eMarketer suggests that programmatic spending will hit almost $69 billion each year by 2020. This would make up 86.3% of all digital display spending. Already, though, almost 80% of digital display spending is done by programmatic.

The United States has become the leader in programmatic ad spend across the world. A study done by Zenith at the end of last year suggests that the U.S. accounts for 58% of the total programmatic ad spend, which is approximately $40.6 billion. Second to the U.S. is China – at $7.9 billion.

Beyond that, though, mobile ads are expanding as well. The projection from eMarketer also suggests that by 2020 almost 67% of programmatic ad spend will be mobile, not desktop. Mobile is already a leader in the ad spend department and is looking to grow.

Why is Mobile Growing?

A combination of market trends, social advertising, and heavy-hitting sites like Google and Facebook will increase both mobile and programmatic ad spend. As consumers spend more time on their phones, it makes sense to create and target ads to be used on mobile devices.

There are many reasons that mobile advertising is effective. Mobile ads can be targeted to consumers based on their location, offering a discount for a local business based on where a user is. Consumers are also constantly on their phones. While studies range, the most recent data indicates that people check their phones up to 80 times a day while on vacation, but 300 times every day during their normal routines. By targeting people on their phones, advertisers can reach people more frequently.

The Growth will Continue

The growth of both programmatic ads and mobile ads will not slow down anytime soon. Programmatic offers advertiser’s convenience and the knowledge that technology is getting the best possible ad placement. By using mobile ads, advertisers know that their ads are being shown to people on a platform that has near-constant viewers.

Programmatic ads are great for publishers, as well. Here at the Moneytizer we use programmatic header bidding technology to fill our clients’ ad spots with ads that are relevant to the viewers. If you’re looking to improve the ads on your website, sign up with us today. We’re here to help you.

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