How Schema Markup Can Help Your Website


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Schema markup is a piece of code that helps search engines share more information about your website on their results pages. This is especially helpful for optimizing your website for both visitors and search engines, as well as providing value to potential visitors from their first interaction with your site. Let’s take a deeper look at how schema markup is helpful for your website.

How Does Schema Markup Work?

By adding specific code to your website, search engines can more accurately understand the focus of your site. For example, if you have a header marked “Date” the code that goes with that has no information about whether the post discusses a fruit or a day of the week. This is a very simple example, and search engines are constantly getting better about reading context clues, as well.

By adding schema markup to your site, a rich snippet will be displayed when you appear on a search engine results page. This snippet tells the searcher what value your site offers related to their search query. Informative rich snippets are a great way to increase your click-through rates and ensure that your visitors are meant to be on your page.

Schema Markup Tips

As with traditional SEO keywords, some schemas are used more often than others. Research, especially on, can help you decide which schemas are most important for your site. The biggest tip is to mark up as much content as possible. It can be a very time-consuming process, but there are many benefits if you make the investment to implement schema markup.

As always, the more people your website is able to attract, the better that is for your Moneytizer ad revenue. By creating great content and then sharing it with potential visitors, you can increase your visitors, which leads to increased impressions and then revenue. The rich snippets that come from using schema markup are very important for bringing new visitors to your site.

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