How to Grow Your Audience


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How to grow audience

We all know that it’s important to have a large audience in order generate substantial ad revenue. Having many visitors will increase ad impressions which in turn will increase ad revenue. We’ve already touched on why it’s important to optimize your site so that visitors spend more time  on your pages. Now let’s take a look at how you can expand the audience that visits your site in the first place.

Optimize Your Site to Attract Visitors

Publishing a blog, increasing your site speed, and ensuring your website is niched enough to attract highly effective ads are all great ways to start optimizing your website. There are other ways, though to ensure your website is fully optimized.

Make sure you are using the right SEO keywords. Assuming your site is already following SEO best practices, it’s important to review and ensure you are optimizing for the right keywords. If your website is focused on selling marketing strategies, it might not be wise to create posts around an unrelated keyword, like “long-stem roses.” Your visitors might realize that your website as a whole doesn’t match what they were searching for, and they could leave. Beyond that, search engines like Google will also realize your content doesn’t match, and it will be harder to rank high in search results. You’ll want to ensure that all pages of your marketing website are optimized for marketing-related words, whether that’s “Instagram marketing” or “simple marketing tactics” or other keywords relating to your core messaging, products or services.

Use Social Media to Grow Your Audience

Whether you want to use organic, unpaid social media posts or paid ads, it’s no surprise that turning to social media is a key way to grow your website audience. Create a freebie, share a link to your blog or provide a link to your “about us” page. Social media marketing is a major way to access a bigger audience, create community and rapport, and bring those followers and visitors to your website. Make sure you choose the best platform for your business, though, as not all target markets are present and active on all social platforms.

Create Internal Links to Serve Your Visitors

There are a few reasons it’s good to include links to other pages on your site within your blog posts and other web pages. First of all, it’s good for SEO, which we mentioned earlier. Stronger internal links means you could be ranked higher by the search engines because you’ve shown both search engines and your visitors that your pages are associated. Using internal links is also important to create the best experience possible for your visitors. The more useful information you can provide to them, the longer they’ll stay on your page, and the more they’ll be exposed to ads. You will also establish your site as helpful and informative, increasing the likelihood that your visitors will return.

Growing audiences is going to be important for websites in 2019. Not only will it expand the audience that is aware of your business, product or service, but it will also increase the people exposed to ads on your site. This, in turn, means greater revenue for you. If you’re still looking to monetize your site, let us help. We’ll turn your viewers into a source of income.

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