How to Monetize Impressions and Clicks


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Monetize Impressions and Clicks

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn ad revenue from the visitors who simply saw ads on your website, as well as those who clicked on them? Smart Insights found that ads are now generating a 0.05% click-through rate. But that’s okay. The technology is available and marketing has changed such that sites can earn revenue for each person who sees the ad, called impressions, even if they don’t click through the ads. Let’s find out why this makes sense for advertisers.

Are Impressions the Same as Page Views?

No, impressions are not the same as page views. In 2018, Statista found that 30.1% of Americans use some form of ad blocking service. If any of these people visited your site, they were not shown the ads you have published, meaning they don’t count as an impression. Also, if visitors bounce from one page to the next before ads have time to load, they also will not be counted as impressions.

Are Impressions Valuable?

In today’s digital age, consumers nearly always research their options before purchasing anything – a product or service. When they are exposed to ads, even if they don’t click on them, they will be able to consider the advertiser as they move forward in their research. Remember, digital ads can be targeted, so the visitors that see those ads could very realistically choose to follow up on the information.

Are Clicks More Valuable than Impressions?

Well, that depends on the purpose of the advertisement. If the ad is part of a campaign trying to draw traffic to their website, then clicks are typically more valuable for accurately measuring the direct ROI of a particular ad. Impressions are most valuable for brand awareness campaigns where the advertiser simply cares about their target audience viewing the ad, whether they immediately take action or not. That’s why it is important for you to earn revenue through both clicks and impressions.

Here at the Moneytizer we understand how important it is to create income through impressions as well as clicks. Our technology ensures that the ad units on your website are full and generating revenue based on both to maximize the income from your website.

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