Implementing Progressive Web Apps


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Progressive Web Apps

There is much debate on the internet about what a progressive web app actually is. There is a conclusion that progressive web apps all meet three criteria: running under HTTPS, having a Web App Manifest, and having a service worker. Beyond this, progressive web apps are apps that are delivered through the internet as opposed to sold through stores. They also share a number of common attributes, including being responsive, connectivity independent, fresh, safe, discoverable, installable, and linkable.

According to Google developers, progressive web apps are reliable and load immediately, even if your network connection is unsteady. They are very responsive to user interactions, and they feel natural, immersing the user in their platform. Progressive web apps can be installed to the user’s home screen on their phone, without going through an app store.

Why Build a Progressive Web App?

If you meet Google’s Progressive Web App criteria, Google Chrome will encourage users to download the progressive web app to their home screen. Because these apps load even in questionable network situations, your users are sure to be able to access your app. The apps can even help increase engagement.

For sites that have an eCommerce element, progressive web apps can be a great tool. When users are not online, they can continue browsing your site and fill their cart with everything they want to purchase. When they reconnect to the network, a push notification can be sent to their phone so they can finish their transaction.

How Do I Build a Progressive Web App?

Google has an open-source tool called Lighthouse that walks developers through the process and eliminates most of the manual testing that used to be required. This will also ensure that your progressive web app meets Google’s criteria.

Ads and Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps can also host advertisements, either as banners or pop-ups. Because these apps load more quickly and encourage users to spend more time there, ad revenue from these apps can be significant. If your app has multiple pages, it’s also possible to include ads on each page, increasing the chances of impressions.

Implementing a progressive web app can help you show your brand as an authority in the industry, leading to name recognition, trust and a desire to learn more from you. As always, the more you can increase trust among your audience, the more likely they are to visit your site and help you generate ad revenue through your Moneytizer ads.

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