The 5 best technics to increase the traffic of your blog / website


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how to increase the traffic of your blog or website

You want to have much traffic on your blog or website in order to optimize your revenues? Here are the 5 foolproof technics to do so.


Offer a reliable and qualitative content

To optimize your traffic and therefore increase the number of surfers on your website, it is obvious that you must have some content. You better focus on the quality rather than the quantity. The words, topics, quality of redaction you choose are attractiveness determinants for your website. If your website is attractive, people stay longer on your pages. Rely on the majority of the population that surf on your website to create content and reach the most person possible.


Natural Referencing (SEO)

Having a good and efficient natural referencing is crucial to increase your traffic. As a reminder, the SEO aims to improve your web pages’ positioning among all pages of search engine results with the using of keywords.

For a website to be considered well placed, it needs to be ahead of the results (among the 10 links of the first page). Indeed, a surfer hardly ever goes to the second page of the search engine.

But no worries, the establishment of the referencing is simple! It will be even all the easier by using a CMS (Content Management System), such as WordPress or Drupal.


Using social networks

To establish a good communication and expand your target, nothing is better than social networks. They will allow you to be known quickly and widely thanks to the power of them. There are 470 million of subscribers on Twitter, more than 850 million of active users on Facebook or 130 million on LinkedIn.

Social networks’ aims are shares and interactions. When you publish a link leading to your website, it has to be shared by as many users as possible still in the goal of increasing your blog traffic. Of course you will have to be patient and wait before seeing an evolution.

Finally, be careful of not being too intrusive and spam your contacts with daily posts. You have to find the right middle and your audience will fore sure increase by the dime goes on.


Set up tools to measure your audience

Many tools exist to measure the audience of your blog or website, such as Google Analytics, ComScore, Compete, Quantcast, Alexa, Nielsen Online …

For those who are not comfortable with the use of those tools, the easiest one remains Google Analytics which is entirely free. Thanks to this tool you will be able to know the origin of your visits, the sources that offer a high-quality traffic and more generally better know your users.


Make your blog/website pretty!

The design of a website is crucial. If it has a bad structure, not pretty police or colors, your surfers could run away. For that purpose, you have to carefully choose the visuals, colors or polices of your website. Of course, pictures must match the hue of your website. The pictures also need to be free of rights if you want to share them freely.

Moreover, we advise you not to overload your pages with useless text that could harm and deteriorate your image. Foster a clean website that encourage to keep surfing on it in order to have a low bounce rate.

The use of icons also make your website more dynamic, find some by clicking here.

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