3 Major Advertising Trends


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Staying on top of new trends is one of the best ways to make sure you’re displaying the best ad units possible on your website both for your audience’s benefit and for your revenue. Let’s take a look at three major advertising trends right now: native ads, video ads, and push notifications.

Native Ads

Native advertising is a form of advertising where ad content is shown in a manner that matches the platform on which it’s published. They feel very natural and are often less annoying to viewers than overly-flashy ads. Now, don’t think that consumers are naive. Web users are savvy enough by now to know when they’re seeing paid content. They just don’t seem to mind as much because it doesn’t interrupt their online viewing experience.

Small companies are beginning to use native advertising more and more, and that will only continue to grow this year. Native advertising works best if it has strong storytelling. Because these ads blend into the host content easier, they need to be compelling enough to attract attention. Native advertising is going to grow – Business Insider predicts that 74% of ad revenue will come from native ads by 2021.

Video Ads

We’ve talked many times about how important video ads are for increasing your advertising revenue. Viewers are more likely to watch a video ad than they are to pay attention to a static banner ad. It’s also a lot easier on advertisers to include all of the information they want to say in a video rather than a single image.

Whether you want to use in-text or pre roll video ads, you’ll be taking advantage of the ad types that generate some of the highest profits. Make sure the ads that you are publishing on your site are real by using a company like the Moneytizer to finalize those transactions.

Push Notifications

Advertising in push notifications is growing. In fact, we just published a blog all about push notifications and content blocking. That said, push notification advertising is growing so quickly that we couldn’t leave it off this trends list. As these notifications have grown over the past few years, they now have an almost 50% opt-in rate!

Unlike static ads on your website, push notification ads allow advertisers and publishers to send out reminders and notifications that will show up directly on a user’s phone or their desktop. It won’t get buried in their email spam folder, and they chose to receive these notifications, so there are no privacy concerns. Push notifications are definitely a quickly growing advertising trend – and one to watch.

Are you already using one or more of these three types of advertising? If you’re not, it’s definitely time to get started. Reach out to The Moneytizer today, and we’ll help you set up a strategy to take advantage of these growing trends.

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