Maximizing the Value of Ads for Your Site Visitors


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When website publishers make the decision to include advertising on their site, they do so to make money from their web visitors. But there are certainly some ways to make the advertising experience meaningful, relevant and valuable to the people who will be served those ads on your site.

By providing a more enjoyable advertising experience to your website visitors, you can encourage them to come back. At the very least, a good ad experience will make your visitors less likely to leave because of the ads they are shown.

Publish Related Ads

One of the best ways to ensure that the ads on your site are relevant to your audience is to make them relevant to your content. If your website is all about cars, it wouldn’t necessarily make sense to showcase an ad from a pasta company. Now, you won’t always have this choice, but if you can, choose an advertiser that is somewhat related to your topic.

Improve the Viewability

A particular ad’s viewability is obviously important to advertisers, but it can be important for your visitors as well. By placing ad spaces in easily-viewed positions on your website, you are optimizing your audience’s likelihood of seeing it. This can increase your revenue, and it can help introduce your audience to brands they might enjoy. If you are showcasing ads from brands related to your topic, your visitors might actually want to see them.

Show Retargeted Ads

This might be one of the best ways to ensure that the ads on your site are meaningful and valuable to your visitors. Retargeted ads are chosen specifically for a particular visitor, based on their previous internet history. For example, if you run targeted advertising, your ads are likely to be shown to your visitors when they go to a different website that serves your ads.

Showing retargeted ads, either by publishing those advertiser’s ads on your website or buying retargeted advertising to direct people back to your site, will help you capture up to 98% of the traffic that has visited your site. Only 2% of people convert on their first visit to a webpage. Advertisers can make the most of their retargeted ads by directing visitors to relevant, actionable landing pages.  

Why Should I Try to Publish Valuable Ads?

By publishing related ads in well-viewable spots and using targeting information, you can show highly valuable ads to your website visitors. The more relevant a particular ad is to one of your viewers, there’s a higher likelihood that they will click on it, which will improve your revenue on CPC ads. It will also keep people coming back to your site, because they won’t be driven away by an abundance of irrelevant ads. This, in turn, will help you increase your advertising revenue.

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