Online advertising: what advertisers expect from YOU!


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Advertisers can make you earn money by filling your advertising inventory. But this has to be a win-win deal. They have expectations from your website regarding online advertising.

They do not rely entirely on metric-based data to decide to partner with you. Why? Because numbers are purely objective.


What should you do to get the best income possible ?

Offer good content

Advertisers are looking for brand safe content. Some contents are usually rejected, such as illegal drugs, illegal streaming, fraud, hate speech, pornography, racist or homophobic content, etc.

Most popular advertisers stay away from these websites categories. Therefore, if your website is rejected by an ad network this could be the reason why.

Bank on visible ads!

Your ads must have an optimal visibility: the more visible the ads, the more profitable it is for advertisers (and for yourself). Indeed, an ad with good placement will be seen by more visitors, and generate a large number of potential clicks. Keep in mind that the advertiser’s aim is to increase his brand’s visibility and to sell his products.

Remember: choose the right formats according to your content, not to disrupt your visitor’s navigation.

Build an attractive audience

A small audience usually is a stumbling block for entry to all demand platforms (link platform between advertisers and publishers).

However, many advertisers will disregard those numbers if your audience segments hold value.

Indeed, if for want of a wide audience you can prove that you have more valuable kinds of visitors, advertisers may still agree to partner with you.

There’s always a very high number of impressions on news websites for example. Big online advertising partners are mostly interested in this type of websites because they reach wider audiences, and this generates higher revenues.

Small advertisers will usually be more flexible for quality inventory on « niche » (small) websites.

However, it is also quite possible that large ad networks decide to take no account of a publication’s scale, in favor of its relevant audience.

Therefore, if you’re not a huge news or entertainment website, but you tackle more specific topics and get a little to medium audience scale, this audience can be valuable and some networks will still take an interest in you.

Gather real visitors!

Advertisers want to avoid fraud. Indeed, fraudsters steal from advertisers and publishers.

Most advertisers are now ready to pay for MRC (Media Rating Council) certified human traffic. This way, ad tech players could have an opportunity to protect their brand and reduce the money wasted on dishonest traffic.

This would help having a « premium inventory » that is to say a brand safe content that is viewable by real humans (not robots).

For this reason, some demand platforms warn premium publishers right away, because they are an attractive target for fraudsters.

Publishers must be aware that most advertisers will use an MRC certified tool such as Moat, Comscore, etc. to filter websites before engaging with them.

What should you keep in mind regarding online advertising ?

In a nutshell, an advertiser wants a valuable website. A website does not necessarily have to have a huge audience. Resorting to robots to increase your traffic will only make you loose all credibility in the eyes of advertisers. More importantly, the value of the audience is to be looked at. However, this is a pretty subjective criteria. For this reason mainly, the “value threshold” is not inflexible and is always subject to change.

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