Optimize your traffic: What should you do?


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Optimize your traffic

After you create your own blog or website, you may have high expectations when it comes to how much traffic you’re going to get. To Optimize your traffic is essential to have good CPM.

It does work sometimes, but there can also be absolutely no increase in traffic and you simply won’t get why. (Our 5 technics to increase your traffic).

In both scenarios, the main thing to keep in mind is to get the right traffic. Grasping for any kind of traffic won’t be efficient at all.

Gaining the right traffic means attracting people who are truly interested in your activity. On the contrary, gaining the wrong traffic would mean nothing, since it is not going to later convert into real business opportunities.

For that matter, and since every business has its own special features, publishing quality content is a priority. But is doesn’t stop there. What else should you do to optimize your traffic ?

Think about visibility

Remember we’re in the era of social web. You need to interact with people through the web. Content must be promoted, shared, commented, tweeted.

You should :

ad images

ad URL links to your article

share it on social medias

respond to comments

ask people to share it too

 Value your visitor’s experience

Remember the reason why the visitor ends up on your website: he found a link which could include the answer to his/her question.

Therefore, you content must be precise, clear, easy to read, and based on accurate facts/data.

The reason why the visitor’s browsing experience is important is because Google says it is. It is pretty clear that Google only upgrades high quality content.


Consider SEA strategies to optimize your traffic

Your keywords must match your content, which has to match the visitor’s query.

You have to research and target keywords, to develop and increase awareness about your website.

In order to do that, you should start by understanding your visitors’ intent and what they are looking for when browsing. You should then identify the right keywords that would gain traffic from their queries.

From there, you can establish a list of keywords you will remember to mention in each article. (Title and body)


Improve quality and design

Write about the industry you work for in broad terms, not just yourself and your company.

Cover interesting issues and news & provide relevant and useful information, according to your target audience.

Ad images, videos, or any form of playful tools that can catch the visitor’s eye, otherwise their visit can be pretty monotonous.

Try to create a responsive website: remember most visitors will do web researches on their smartphones!

Do not overload your website background with too many info and colors. We recommend using a light colored background and a dark text.

Illustrate your content with images

Use simple vocabulary and categorize your paragraphs with bullet points.



You must make your website readable and clean to optimize your traffic. Think about your visitors’ experiences. Remember that trends may change and it may require to improve your website quite regularly. And last thing; try to be patient, because it takes time for a good reputation to build.


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