Overcoming Ad Blockers


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Have you ever compared your ad impressions number to your website visits number and found them significantly different? If so, many of the people visiting your website likely have ad blocking technology running on their computer. While this certainly helps improve their experience, it’s cutting into your ad revenue from your site.

Why Ad Blockers are on the Rise

People use ad blockers primarily because they feel there are too many ads or that ads are annoying and irrelevant. Nearly everyone has had an experience where they visit a website that is overcrowded with ads that don’t make sense. They haven’t been targeted to that person and they don’t even match the theme or messaging of the website they’re visiting. This is a frustrating experience for anyone and can lead to ad blocking.

Other reasons that people block ads are because they’re too intrusive, contain viruses or take up too much screen space or loading time. At the end of the day, your visitors are coming to your site to see your content, not your ads. While it’s certainly a good idea for you to monetize your site with ads, depending on how long it’s been around, it’s important to remember that your visitors aren’t coming for the ads.

Improving Your Ads

There’s not much that you can do about people who already have ad blockers installed and running before they visit your site. You can, however, work to make sure the ad experience on your site doesn’t cause people to find an ad blocker. Before you implement any advertising spaces, plan it out and look at your ideas. Avoid having too many ads on one page. Google used to allow no more than three ads per page, but that requirement has now been removed. However, the sentiment still remains. Fewer, more targeted and better-chosen ads will be more effective than overcrowding your page.

That leads right to our next point – make the ads on your page relevant. If possible, your first choice should be to show your audience targeted ads chosen for each of them individually. True, not all of your visitors will be able to be served targeted ads. Maybe they’ve declined cookies on the pages they visit, so no one can re-market to them. If that’s the case, your second choice of ad should be something that roughly fits with your brand. You don’t want any non-targeted, random ads on your page. If your website is all about baking wedding cakes, a non-targeted ad for monster trucks wouldn’t be the best choice.

Here at The Moneytizer, our experts will work with you as you choose the advertising units for your website. We’ll help you look at the benefits of each type of ads, from banners to video to recommended content and everything in between. Once you’ve chosen your ads, our algorithm will continue to help you maximize your revenue. Our unique technology helps us learn more about your visitors to provide the best ads and bring in more profits automatically. Get started with us today!

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