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As you probably already know, only about 2% of visitors convert to customers on their first interaction with an online store, advertisement or product. In fact, the marketing “Rule of 7” says that people need to be exposed to your brand or offer at least seven times before they truly notice it and take action. That’s why retargeting is so interesting.

Once they are familiar with a given product, or at least they’d recognize it from an ad, they are more likely to become customers. It’s important to keep track of visitors to your site so you can try to bring them back again. Let’s take a closer look at how retargeting can bring you more customers.

How to Start Retargeting Visitors

Implementing a retargeting strategy is fairly simple. Once you place a specific piece of code in the footer of your website, you can create a list of visitors by placing cookies in their browsers. This then allows retargeting vendors to show ads for your site when those visitors go to other web pages.

By retargeting visitors, you are able to keep your company or brand fresh in the minds of people who have expressed interest. Every time a potential customer encounters your ads, they are reminded of you and increase your brand recognition. This will help increase click-through rates and turn these visitors into customers.

Retargeting and GDPR

With the GDPR regulations, european visitors have the option to opt out of being targeted. If they decline the use of cookies, this means they will not be tracked, and advertisers are unable to retarget these visitors. Our post on industry regulation goes into further detail about how the GDPR rules work.

Retargeting can help you bring in more ad revenue, as well. As it has become more popular, more companies are including the necessary code for retargeting on their websites. This means that the ads your website visitors see could likely be retargeted ads. In turn, this increases the likelihood that they will pay attention to or click through on these ads, which means more income for you. Are you ready to monetize the visitors on your site? Sign up with The Moneytizer today.

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