TrustedNews, the new ad-blocker that blocks fakenews using the blockchain technology


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trustnews to avoid Fake news

The German company Eyeo, who developed the Adblock Plus extension just launched a new extension called TrustedNews in order to block fake news. For the moment it is under a beta version, it is only available on Chrome and for websites with English content.

This new extension is intended to inform Internet users of the credibility of the information on a website.


The websites are sorted into 5 different categories:


  • “TRUSTWORTHY” if the content of the website is trustful and only tells the facts as they are, without opinion.

trustworthy website


  • “UNTRUSTWORTHY” if the website contains fake news.

untrustworthy website


  • “BIASED” if some information on the website is biased or if the publisher takes sides politically or for other reasons.

biased website


  • “SATIRE” if the website has some satirical content. Which means if the information is not true, but was not intended to be received as true.

satire website


  • “INSUFICIENT DATA” if the TrustedNews extension hasn’t evaluated the website yet. Which is still the case for many websites as it is a beta version.

insufficient data website


In order to facilitate the verification of the websites, and to make the evaluation safer and trustworthy, the German company decided to use the blockchain technology.

This brand new extension is part of the current movement of making the web more transparent. The goal is to provide users with all possible means to make their navigation safe and enjoyable.



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