Update your CMP now! Your income is at risk


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As you know the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) has recently updated the Consent Rules (RGPD/CCPA) of all global advertising players, including Google.

This means that as of August 15, 2020 all consent banners or CMP (Consent Management Platform) will become obsolete and you will need to update them in order to continue monetizing your website.

Moreover, many of the players in programmatic advertising have already stopped buying space on those sites that have not updated this banner.

Depending on your case, several things can happen:

1) You already have the Quantcast consent banner offered by The Moneytizer

You have to update it by integrating the latest version of the Quantcast banner that we offer you for free. To do this, remove the old tag and place the code you will find by clicking on the link below. You must place it in the header, <head>, of your website: https://www.themoneytizer.com/cmp.php

This tag is universal and allows you to ensure that you are always up to date with European regulations for consent collection. Moreover, it is no longer necessary to choose the language of your banner, the Quantcast script automatically detects the origin of your visitors.

2) You have an old cookie banner

Your site does not respect the new rules included in the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and does not benefit from all the advertising partners of The Moneytizer. You can directly integrate the new version of the Quantcast banner that we offer you free of charge.

3) You already use a different banner than Quantcast

Check that your banner fits the IAB criteria and thus allows you to comply with the law. In this link you have a list with the solutions contemplated in the IAB framework.

4) I have problems integrating the banner

Our team is at your disposal to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Remember that it is very important to update the banner to benefit from all TheMoneytizer’s partner offer and that your income is optimal.

We are at your disposal for any question you may have

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