Wayback Machine: a tool to understand what a website looked like in the past


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The Internet is evolving at such a rapid pace that sometimes we do not notice how websites have changed in just a few years. From the design to the organization of the information, through content or brand image. Everything evolves with the internet and many times it can be useful to reflect on where we are coming from and think about what the next steps in the development of a website should be.


This is one of the many possibilities offered by Wayback Machine. a tool that allows anyone to see what a website looked like in the past (since 1996, specifically).


Wayback Machine stores more than 300,000 million sites so it’s really easy to find the one you’re looking for. The website is freely accessible and there is also the option to manually upload any page in order to have access to it in the future.


This tool has been created to provide researchers, historians, etc, with a platform to make queries and obtain data for their work, but it also becomes a very useful resource for website editors, who can gain ideas for their projects. In addition, it can also be interesting to access a website that is no longer available.


How to use Wayback Machine?

To access Wayback Machine you just have to go to the website. Once there, enter the URL of the web you want to search for. Use the timeline located at the top of the calendar to select a year. Once here, select any of the dates marked with a circle to access the saved file.


On the page you can see the day and time the file was stored. You can share the URL with whoever you want or find another date through the same calendar. On way in which it can be very useful for example is if you forgot to make a backup of your own site and want to see what it looked like a few years ago.


By the way, this is what the Apple website looked like in 2003 🙂



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