When Should my Website Start Showing Ads?


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Think about any website you visited in the past 24 hours, and I would guess you saw at least a few ads. If you’re just starting your website, you might be thinking about adding ads to your site. After all, it’s a great way to bring in some passive income and turn your visitors into revenue without actually selling something.

We actually don’t recommend putting ads on your website immediately. That’s a good way to turn people off of your website. Instead, start by building your audience. Create a loyal following who loves the content you’re creating. Then, once that following is big enough that you can bring in significant ad revenue, it’s time to take that step.

Why Should I Wait?

You might be wondering why it matters. Well, ads are annoying. You’ve probably thought that yourself at some point. You’ve been trying to view a piece of content and an ad pops up, potentially ruining your experience.

You don’t want visitors to your new site to feel annoyed. You want visitors to love coming to your site, to get helpful content and to return. Serving ads on your site can detract from that experience. Your visitor experience should be your primary concern at this point.

How Can I Bring in Revenue without Ads?

First, by providing excellent content and creating a significant following, your ads will have a stronger return when you do implement them.

This is the perfect time to build relationships. Build relationships with influencers who could talk about your brand or site at some point. Reach out to companies you’d like to work with on sponsored content. Another way to bring in revenue is to become an affiliate for an existing program or product.

You can also write and pitch guest posts for other blogs. Aim for thought leader sites that would be able to link back to your site. This is helpful for building your audience and increasing your future ad impact.

If you’re considering implementing ads at any point, you can work from the beginning of your site to optimize for ads. Think about ad placement and leave white space or ad a graphic as a placeholder. Keep your image sizes small, break longer pages into multiple shorter pages, and aim for a quick page loading time.

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