Why You Make More Ad Revenue at the End of the Year


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More ad revenue

Have you seen an increase in your ad revenue over the past couple of months? The fourth quarter of the year is often the best quarter. Advertisers spend more of their budgets to target customers who will be spending more in preparation for the holidays.

During this time, ad space becomes more valuable, and ad rates tend to increase to keep up. Fill rates increase, and the bottom line is that you’ll make more money in ad revenue. Let’s dig in a bit more as to why that is and how you can avoid a full slump in other months.

Why is there More Ad Revenue at the End of the Year?

There are general trends that hold true throughout the year when it comes to ad revenue. Typically, January and July are months that yield very low revenue for publishers. This is because advertisers don’t have as much of a reason to spend their budget on ads during these months. Advertisers save their money for the more lucrative months, like those leading up to holidays. Christmas shopping, graduation shopping, Mother’s and Father’s Day all bring more sales for advertisers. So if you saw an increase in revenue the past few months, don’t worry if it slows down during the new year as you can expect to see it rise again in spring.

How Can I Increase Revenue Other Months?

So what about the “off” months? There are certainly ways to make sure you’re bringing in as much ad revenue as possible, even in the lower months. First of all, make sure your website is well-optimized. Make sure your 10 most visited posts are optimized to the fullest, even if you have to add a new paragraph or break some text into bullet points. You can also update old content and posts that would be relevant and re-publish them. Finally, make sure your page has a fast load time. Faster loading times mean more of your ad slots will be filled, which means more revenue for you, even in the slow months.

If you saw an upswing in revenue the past few months – congratulations! If not, or if the revenue is still lower than you’d like, let us help you make sure you have the best advertising opportunities for your website. Sign up today!

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