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Questions related to CPM's, your bill and referral benefits

The number of impressions = the number of view pages ?

Many publishers make the direct connection between the number of view pages (that they can see on Google Analytics for example) and the number of ad impressions. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple.
Indeed, if you place a unique ad unit on all your pages, you could be tempted to deduce that 1000 view pages = 1000 ad impressions (displayed ads) but it is not.
Even with a CPM system, the number of view pages is very rarely equal to the number of ad impressions.

There are plenty of reasons:

1- The ad blocking: a certain percentage of your visitors use ad-blocking software that prevents ads from appearing on your website. Unfortunately, these visitors do not make you earn money because they do not see any ad.

2- The browsing habits of your visitors: if a surfer is used to browsing your website, it is possible that he goes from one page to another very quickly because he knows where to find information/content he wants. The ad won’t have time to load and the ad impression won’t be recorded.

3- The advertising visibility: A non-visible advertising is not interesting for the advertisers and will consequently have very bad performances (click rate, visibility rate, etc.). It is counterproductive to place advertising units in your footer if your visitors never scroll to the bottom of your page. Be careful, this does not mean that you have to forget the "low" ad units. A top medium rectangle can be a very good source of income if it is placed in the middle of your side bar and your content forces the user to go there on the page.

The Moneytizer uses the CPM calculation to remunerate his publishers. Despite the barriers to monetization that we have just mentioned, your traffic and the number of ad impressions are closely linked. The more visitors you have on your website, the higher your revenues are. You just have to create qualitative contents.

What criteria determine the value of the CPM on my website?

The value of the CPM of your website depends on several criteria:
- Your audience. Some audiences have a lot more value than others from the advertisers point of view.

Example: If your website is mainly used by people with low purchasing power, the value of each visitor is also low. On the opposite, if your website / blog attracts users with a high purchasing power, the CPM will be higher.
- The performance of the ads on your pages. Even on a CPM payment basis advertisers’ bids will be higher if your ad units have a good click-through rate or if they often lead to purchases. Hence the importance of properly placing your ad units so that they are visible.
- The seasonality. The header bidding algorithm developed by The Moneytizer places thousands of advertisers into a bidding competition for your ad spaces. The value of the CPM therefore depends on the cost they are willing to pay to display ad on your website. Before Christmas, for example, the quantity of advertising campaigns inflates CPMs due to overall demand increase.

I am self-entrepreneur, how is billing done?

As a self-entrepreneur, your DUNS number must be filled in your personal space The Moneybox – page “PROFILE”. According to the article 293B of the General Tax Code, the VAT is not applicable to self-entrepreneurs. The final amount of your bill is therefore excluding taxes.

I am a European foreign company and I do not have VAT on my bill(s), why?

What are the criteria to get my referral benefits?

To obtain the $15 expected when referring a publisher, you are required:
- To have at least one of your websites active (=displaying ads) for the past 60 days
- Your referee must also be active

How can I see more detailed statistics than those provided on my dashboard?

From the “home” of your personal space The Moneybox, you just have to click on “download my stats” in order to obtain a detailed CVS file.

How and when will I be paid?

As soon as you have reached 50 euros of earnings, an invoice is sent on the 10th of the month. Payment will be made automatically by bank transfer or PayPal 60 days after the billing invoice. You do not need to ask for payment, everything is automatic.

Why does it take so long to get paid? We would like to pay you sooner but this is the rate in which our partners pay us. paiement