1 - Generalities

The publisher of the website www.themoneytizer.com (hereafter « themoneytizer.com ») is the company The Moneytizer, a limited liability company with a capital of 125 000 euros, whose head quarters are located 21 Villa Marie Justine, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt, registered at the RCS Nanterre under the number 800 925 356. The Moneytizer offers its advertising spaces marketing for advertising purposes, through a platform accessible on www.themoneytizer.com. This platform, whose Terms and Conditions are defined hereafter, allows the publishers to define and implement their sales strategy for the advertising spaces available on their websites.  The use of themoneytizer.com website is submit to acceptance by the user of the totality of the present Terms and Conditions, as set forth below.  The users declare having read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions and having full legal capacity to consent to it. If the user is a minor or a legally incapacitated adult, the user declares having received the authorization of his or her parent or person having parental authority,guardian or conservator.  The Moneytizer reserves the right to revise the Terms and Conditions of themoneytizer.com website, at any time and without notice. Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will be effective immediately upon the posting of the revised Terms and Conditions on this website.  All copyrights in and to themoneytizer.com website, as well as to any web page or document published therein, are the property of The Moneytizer Any copyright infringement will be subject to prosecutions.  The Moneytizer does not authorize any use of its website, services and data except as authorized here in. Any unauthorized use will lead to the immediate termination of the business relationship between the parties, without reimbursement of any sums paid.  The Moneytizer reserves the right to take all legal action if it considers being a victim of any harm whatsoever caused by any conduct in violation of these Terms and Conditions, and in particular any commercial use or mining of its database (mining and/or collection of data on the users of themonetizer.com, etc.). 

2 – Changes to the website themoneytizer.com

The moneytizer.com is a scalable website and The Moneytizer may modify it in whole or in part at any time or in its entirety, and without notice. The Moneytizer may also, at any time and without notice, improve and/or modify the services described on the themoneytizer.com website. modificationsAny such changes shall be brought to the user's knowledge by being placed online and are deemed to be accepted by the user without reservations as of that moment.

3 – Use of the themoneytizer.com website

The Moneytizer offers to sell advertising space to potential advertisers advertisers on behalf of all website publishers (hereafter "the Publisher"). Any natural or-legal person wishing to benefit from the services offered by themoneytizer.com must first sign up and create an account. Signing up To sign-up users need to fill out a form which includes compulsory notices, and in particularly : - Give the address of the head office if a legal person is involved, or the address of the website's Publisher if a natural person is involved; - Indicate the name of the company which publishes the website, as well as the name of the person authorized by it to enter into a contract with The Moneytizer. If the Publisher of the website is a natural person, they should indicate their first and last names ; - Indicate as applicable, the intra-Community VAT number and the SIRENE number; - In all cases, banking information including the IBAN must be given for the monthly payment of amounts owed on the basissums of the advertising campaigns set up by The Moneytizer on the Publisher's website.; - Indicate the name of the website as well as its URL - Indicate the purpose of the website; - Indicate the site usage statistics(average number of pages seen every month, average number of unique visitors per month); - Confirm that the website complies with applicable laws and regulations, including decency requirements , and that it no content that is against human dignity, or that could be deemed as racist, xenophobic or pedophilic in nature; - Confirm that the website is not a simple "personal" homepage, or a website whose access is restricted by the use of a password or a peer-to-peer website or a community platform.; - Indicate a password. By clicking on a dedicated link the user acknowledges having read and accepted these Terms and Conditions. Signing up for themoneytizer.com is free of charge.  Once the sign-up request has been sent, The Moneytizer will verify that the Publisher's website is eligible to access themoneytizer.com's platform. The Moneytizer reserves the right to refuse access to its platform to any website that does not fulfill the above conditions, or that isn't deemed likely, based on its marketing policies, to interest advertisers. An email will be sent to the Publisher to confirm the user’s sign-up, as well as the creation of a user account on themoneytizer.com. Confirmation of a sign-up in no way constitutes any form of approval or validation of the website Publisher’s editorial content. Choice of advertising strategy Subject to the following notices, the definition of the advertising strategy is based on the platform accessible through the moneytizer.com website. a) The Moneytizer is free to ask advertisers or advertising networks of its choice to insert ads onto the Publisher's website. b) By default, or absent clear indications, or choices made by the Publisher, The Moneytizer will be free to offer advertisers any space available on the Publisher's website for their ads, including in all IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) formats such as banners, mid page units, skyscrapers, videos, packaging, native advertising, text links, buttons etc. as well as in any existing and future formats. However, based on the options offered on themoneytizer.com, the Publisher will be able to choose the format of the ads he agrees to have displayed on his website. c) The Moneytizer, is free to choose the pricing system for ad campaigns with the advertiser and/or advertising network, whether it be through commonly used measurements, such as Cost Per Thousand (CPT), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost per Lead (CPL), or Cost Per Action (CPA), according to the performance etc., as well as through any existing or future pricing system. d) The relationship between The Moneytizer and the Publisher is non-exclusive. The Publisher is not under any duty of exclusivity,and is free to entrust the advertising management of his website to other service providers. Conversely,The Moneytizer is free to manage advertising communication websitefor any and all websites. Setting up the adverts The Publisher will set up tags on his website, from the themoneytizer.com website, enabling the broadcasting of adverts and collection of the browsing data of website visitors . To this end, the Publisher agrees to install any programming or solution needed by the ads. The Publisher may remove the tags propose by The Moneytizer at any moment, if they appear contrary to his editorial policy. Compensation of the PublisherThe Publisher will receive a compensation, the amount of which is calculated based on the sums paid by advertisers or advertising networks to The Moneytizer. This compensation is calculated according to different factors but will not be less than 70% of the pre-tax amount billed by The Moneytizer to its advertisers.The Publisher expressly accepts that payments will only be made by The Moneytizer after it has been paid itself. By subscribing to the services on themoneytizer.com's platform, the Publisher expressly accepts, for the duration of the business relationship: a) The principle of self-billing (§289 I-2 of the French Tax Code), meaning that the Publisher authorizes the company The Moneytizer to issue an invoice at the end of each month, in the name and on behalf of the Publisher, whenever his account balance shows a credit of €100 or more. VAT will be added to sums due whenever applicable. b) The principle of formatthe electronic format of the invoices issued by The Moneytizer, each invoice being accessible online via the themoneytizer.com interface. The Publisher will be informed by email whenever an invoice is available for viewing on the platform. In any case, the Publisher can view the ads broadcasted as well as their yield from his user account. Invoices may be disputed within 15 days of their issue. Otherwise they will be deemed in compliant and will be binding on the parties. In case of a dispute within 15 days of the invoice's issue, the Publisher will make any corrections it deems appropriate and submit a corrected invoice to The Moneytizer, at the following address: 21 Villa Marie Justine, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt FRANCE. Invoices are payable 60 days after the invoice date. It is up to the Publisher to pay the VAT and fulfill all of his tax obligations with the relevant authorities.

4 – Obligations of The Moneytizer

The Moneytizer is commited in making its best efforts in order to find advertisers interested in buying ad space on the Publisher's website.  The Moneytizer agrees to pay the Publisher his share of the income generated, under the above conditions, once The Moneytizer has been paid for its services by the advertisers. Unless these obligations are complied with, the Publisher may terminate to their business relationship with The Moneytizer.

5 – Obligations of the Publisher

The Publisher agrees to update any personal information concerning him or change in statusthe company’s details on his user account in order for The Moneytizer to correctly edit the Publisher's invoices. Once registered on themoneytizer.com platform, the Publisher agrees not to substantially modify the contents or pages of his website unless the Publisher has previously notified The Moneytizer by sending it an email at the following address: contact@themoneytizer.com. The Publisher may remove the tags given by The Moneytizer at any moment, if they appear contrary to his editorial policy.  In this case, the Publisher must justify his actions in writing to the following email address: support@themoneytizer.com. The Publisher agrees to ensure that the content of his website remains in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, that it contains no content that is against human dignity, or that could be deemed as racist, xenophobic, pornographic and pedophilic in nature, and that it is not contrary to decency, etc. The Publisher also agrees not to turn his website into a community-type or peer-to-peer website. The Publisher represents owning the intellectual property rights permitting the publication of his website, and that he is free to publish all contents, texts and images contained herein.  The Publisher authorizes The Moneytizer to register him with all its advertising partners. As a general principle, the Publisher agrees to hold harmless and indemnify The Moneytizer, from any and all liability arising out of any breach of law by the Publisher. The Moneytizer may suspend or remove the Publisher's user account and end the contractual relationship with the Publisher in case of failure to comply with, or breach by the latter of, any of the above obligations. The Moneytizer also reserves the right to take legal action to defend its interests.

6 – Conditions of access to the service

The Moneytizer is only bound by an "obligation of " best efforts as far as the continuity of its services, as offered on the themoneytizer.com website, are concerned. The Moneytizer is not bound by any obligation to achieve a specific result, except when it comes to paying the Publisher his share once the advertisers have made the corresponding payments. Given the nature of the services offered by the themoneytizer.com platform, The Moneytizer disclaims any and all liability for direct or indirect damages caused by loss of data or the accidental spread of viruses, malfunctions on the publisher's website due to the insertion of advertisement tags, or unlawful conduct. Due to website updates or maintenance, The Moneytizer may suspend access to the themoneytizer.com for a few hours or days, without incurring any liability in respect of any such suspension. The same applies should in case themoneytizer.com is permanently shut down. As a general principle, The Moneytizer will make its best efforts to ensure the continuity of the service offered from themoneytizer.com platform, and remedy any inconveniences caused by an interruption or by the setting -up of advertisement tags. The user is solely responsible for his data, and for the confidential nature of his account and password. In case of loss of password, themoneytizer.com will issue a new password.

7 – Data Processing and confidentiality policy

The Moneytizer processes data in accordance with French Data Processing Act no. 78-17 dated January 6th, 1978, as amended[J1] . themoneytizer.com website has been declared with the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) and the acknowledgement of receipt number 1820964 v 0. is pending. The Moneytizer agrees to protect the privacy rights of its users. themoneytizer.com's confidentiality policy defines the nature of the data collected and the data collection methods, how such data is used and how it is protected. Personal data The information communicated on themoneytizer.com website are intended to allow users to take full advantage of the website's contents. Any required field or information is marked with an asterisk (*). This information may include, as appropriate, the first and last names of the users, their postal address, phone numbers, email or IP address. Other optional information is requested to better understand the origin of visitors, and improve the services offered by themoneytizer.com. The Moneytizer promises not to share users’ personal data with third parties, and will systematically refuse any requests to access such data. The personal data of users is protected in this manner, out of a concern with the strictest possible compliance with applicable legislation. Personal data may be used in the following cases: to contact users for administrative or legal reasons, for statistical and commercial analysis, to test the systems, for user surveys and communication with customer service representatives. The Moneytizer observes strict security[J2] procedures when it comes to the storage and disclosure of the information at its disposal. These security procedures involve confirming a person's identity before disclosing to them any sensitive information concerning them. Communication and direct marketing The Moneytizer may send newsletters, promotional offers, general information about the site usage and activity, and on its services, by letter or email. However, the user is free to accept this type of communication or not by stating his choice upon registration. In each digital communication, the user is free to indicate that he no longer wishes to receive this kind of communication. The Publisher expressly consents to The Moneytizer indicating on themoneytizer.com and in its communication operations the name of the Publisher's website, and that his website is affiliated with themoneytizer.com's platform. CookiesCookies themoneytizer.com website uses cookies in order to improve its services and offer special features that may be useful to its users.themoneytizer.com website uses cookies for the following purposes: - to recognize the user’s browser and to remember the user’s preferences during his or her last visit to themoneytizer.com; - to customize the content and the ads displayed to the user when visiting themoneytizer.com or other Publishers’ websites on which The Moneytizer has placed partner advertising space; - to measure and analyze the effectiveness of the online content and ads published by themoneytizer.com’s partners; and - to track the website’s overall metrics (number of pages viewed, page view time, landing and exit pages, etc.), so as to continually improve the content provided on themoneytizer.com. Cookies are small text files saved onto the user’s hard drive through the web browser, in order to recognize the browser and follow the website's visitors. The Moneytizer uses these cookies to identify more precisely the products and services best suited to its users. A cookie contains user details as well as information used to identify his/her computer, in order to help him/her complete his/her registration or publish an online message, commentary or article. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but users can configure their browser to refuse them if they want to. Users can also view the date of when a cookie was placed, by whom and for what period of validity, as well as the contents of the cookie. In most browsers, the "help" section in the toolbar will explain how to block new cookies, configure the browser so that it will warn the user of any new cookies, or deactivate all cookies. Cookies used on themoneytizer.com do not detect personal information recorded on the user's computer.  Publishers are expressly informed that cookies may be placed on the computers or mobile devices of their users through advertising spaces. Publishers accordingly agree, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, to inform the users of their websites 1) of their cookie policy, and 2) that the Publisher’s advertising department may place cookies on their computers or mobile devices through the Publisher’s website for the purposes indicated above. Publishers are also required to inform the users of their websites of their cookie policy by placing a small banner on their websites with the following type of message:
« By continuing to browse this website, you accept the use of cookies for the provision of services and offers tailored to your interests.» Under that message, and also inside the banner the following buttons should be displayed:
«I Accept » « Find Out More »
The “Find Out More” button should be a direct hypertext link to the Publisher’s cookie policy. Example : bandeau cookie Publishers have sole responsibility for any claim or action in this respect by the users of their websites and agree to hold The Moneytizer harmless from and against any claim or action that may be brought against The Moneytizer by the users of their websites.For more information about cookies or how to block them, visit: http://www.allaboutcookies.org.How to set your browser (subject to any changes to the procedure that may be made by a search engine):

If you use Firefox:
1. Open Firefox
2. Press the Alt key on your keyboard
3. In the toolbar at the top of your browser, select 'Tools' and then 'Options'
4. Select the 'Privacy' tab
5. Go to 'Settings History', then to 'Use custom settings'
6. Uncheck 'Accept cookies'
7. Save your preferences by clicking on 'OK'.

Tip: on Macs, go directly to Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > and then simply check 'Tell sites I do not want to be tracked'.

If you use Internet Explorer:
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. In the 'Tools' menu, select 'Internet Options'
3. Click on the 'Privacy' tab
4. Click on 'Advanced' and uncheck 'Accept'
5. Save your preferences by clicking on 'OK'.

If you use Google Chrome :
1. Open Google Chrome
2. Click on the wrench icon in the toolbar
3. Select 'Options'
4. Click on 'Show advanced settings'
5. In the 'Cookie settings' dropdown menu, check 'Block all cookies'.

If you use Safari :
1. Open Safari
2. In the toolbar at the top of your browser, click on 'Safari', then 'Preferences'
3. Select the 'Security' icon
4. Beside 'Accept cookies', check 'Never'
5. If you want to you see what cookies are already on your computer or mobile device, click on 'Show cookies'.

Links to third party websitesThis confidentiality policy only applies to websites that are owned and managed by The Moneytizer. It does not apply to links to other websites, nor, consequently, to the information collected, or to the use of cookies by the third parties who manage those websites. Individual organizations apply their own confidentiality policies as far as the use and marketing of personal information and cookies is concerned. In case of doubt on the use of personal information in other websites, users are advised to read their confidentiality policies. Contact the relevant company if their policy is not available online. All data collected by third party websites are stored entirely separately by the third party.User rightsUnder the French Data Processing Act dated January 6th, 1978, as amended, users have a right to access, correct and delete data and/or object to the processing of any personal data that may be communicated by them to themoneytizer.com website in the context of its use and of the services offered.Users may exercise the above rights by contacting The Moneytizer (by indicating their email, first and last names, postal address) by postal mail to the following address: 21 Villa Marie Justine, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt, France, or by email to the following address: contact@themoneytizer.com.
Amendment of the confidentiality policy

8 – Governing law and jurisdiction

French law shall be the governing law. Unless otherwise provided by law, the courts of competent jurisdiction shall be the Paris courts.