Our mission? To democratize the world of programmatic advertising

The Moneytizer is a global advertising platform that enables any website publisher to optimize its advertising revenues in a simple and intuitive way.

Thanks to our Header Bidding technology which puts in competition more than 50 partners throughout the world, you are sure to always sell your spaces at the best price.

The Moneytizer 2021 team
CEO The Moneytizer Augustin Ory

Augustin Ory

CEO & Founder

The world of online advertising has become much more complex in recent years. It is therefore important to support all publishers so they can benefit from the same monetization technologies regardless of their size and technical knowledge.

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The Moneytizer Sales team

Why choose The Moneytizer

The assurance of always having the best technologies/formats to monetize your website. Our R&D team improves our solution on a daily basis so you can focus on the quality of your content.

All your ad units on one platform. Classic banners, video, native formats, mobile... More than 15 formats working on desktop and mobile.

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A team of 12 dedicated customers success managers (speaking more than 6 languages) to accompany you in your daily integration/optimization of your ads.

The Moneytizer in numbers

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10 000+
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The beginning of a great adventure: The Moneytizer was founded in Paris!


Already more than 10,000 publishers convinced! The Moneytizer becomes the first European network to have developed a header bidding technology for its publishers.


The Moneytizer is thinking big! With over 4,000 registered publishers, we're expanding internationally! Creation of our 2nd office in New York. Opening of new markets: Spain, Italy & LATAM.


We are now 25,000! The Moneytizer continues to expand towards new horizons: Germany, Russia, Portugal & Brazil.


The growth continues! We pass the milestone of publishers registered on the platform. Opening of India & Scandinavia.


Now +60 000 publishers on the platform. And this is only the beginning!