FAQ The Moneytizer

Referral Program
At The Moneytizer we have created a referral program so you can recommend the platform to your acquaintances.To enjoy the benefits of the program, you just have to share the code or link to your friends. (Both available directly into your Moneybox)The person who wishes to use your referral code must place the code in the 'Sponsor Name or URL' box at the time of registration.| For each new website registered with your referral code or link, you will get 15 dollars into your account and 5 dollars into the referred publisher. This only applies if both websites (yours and the referral website) is active (displaying ads of The Moneytizer) and has generated at least 1 dollar of advertising revenues. These bonus will only be paid once, even if the referred website registers more than one website.You can track all your referral websites through your personal space Moneybox by clicking on "Referral" Some readings
The Moneybox
You can access to The Moneybox through this link. Moneybox When you connect you will see the following: The red bars represent the daily income and the blue line the CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Meaning is the average cost advertisers paid for your space. It might fluctuates a lot and is completely normal. Remember that when working with header bidding our partners are subjected to a bidding system, bids change every day depending on the interest of the partners on your site. They will take in consideration different factor like the behavior of your users, your content, the visibility of the ad units, the size of your site, the location of your audience, etc. If you need more detailed statistics, just select the dates and click 'Download my statistics'. You will get an Excel file with more data. You can check the stats of each ad unit by clicking on "active formats" A new window will be displayed, where you can check the stats of each format. In this place you can also get the tag of all the ad units available. In this same window you can find the visibility chart that allows you to evaluate the visibility of each format on a specific website. This data can help you a lot to optimize your ads. Finally, at the end of this same page you will find the ads.txt file and the consent banner sections. You can download both files and verify them right here. Very popular
Connecting to your personal Moneybox space
You can see the statistics of all your formats in your personal space, connecting through this link. Connect here If you need more detailed statistics, just select the dates. Then click 'Download my statistics'. You will get an Excel file with more data. Few readings
Validation Criteria
The Moneytizer is a secure network, this is why your website should comply with certain criteria in order to monetize a website with our platform. It is required to own a domain to begin with. This means, you cannot register a subdomain on the platform, for example or some subpage of your website such as http:/ or __Websites created through platforms like Wix or Jimdo cannot be accepted, these platforms do not allow access to a website's server. This makes monetization impossible since in order to place the ads.txt file you need access to your server information. __ Websites that wish to monetize with our platform, must have high quality, up-to-date content and sufficient material. We will not be able to accept sites with three or four articles, for example. | As of this year your website must have a minimum of 30,000 unique visitors in the 30 days prior to the time of registration. ||| We also do not accept websites that offer or share streaming services, illegal downloads, that do not respect copyright, website that display sexual content, violence, dating websites, social networks and/or gambling sites. We don’t accept social media channels either. For example, you won’t be able to monetize your Instagram profile or your Youtube channel with us. Few readings
When does my stats become available?
When working with such a large number of partners (more than 50), we have to retrieve the statistics for each of them and for our entire network of publishers. This takes time. That’s why statistics are always loaded with 24 hours of difference. We are working to improve the time, but not all our partners send them on time. We’re still on it! Some readings
Reactivate the tags on The Moneybox
Once you have requested the formats, you have 14 days to place the tags on your website. After this time, your formats will be deactivated automatically. If you want to reactivate them, just enter your Moneybox and click reactivate. Few readings
The Moneytizer has created a notification system that allows you to receive important information about your website and your monetization. In this space you can receive alerts, warnings or information that can help you to use the platform in a simpler and easier way. Some readings