FAQ The Moneytizer

Can I integrate The Moneytizer scripts within an iframe?
It is strongly discouraged to integrate The Moneytizer ads within iframes.If a The Moneytizer script is in an iframe, buyers cannot access the final URL, on which they deliver their ads.This can significantly reduce the number of advertising campaigns that can display on your website which will result in less revenue.If you are using GAM (Google Ad Manager) to integrate The Moneytizer ads, it is imperative to uncheck the box « Served into a Safeframe » to enable buyers/Advertisers to access your website’s information. Very popular
I integrated ads on my website but they are not displaying, why?
After integrating The Moneytizer scripts into your website, it may take a few hours for the first advertisements to run.However, if a few hours have passed and you are still seeing blank ad spaces, there can be a few possibilities:You have not integrated a CMP (consent banner) and The Moneytizer ads cannot be displayed.Some ad units offered by The Moneytizer do not benefit from a 100% fill rate. Because of a high CPM, advertisers may decide to only display their campaigns to a small part of your visitors.You are the website owner and your IP address does not have as much value to advertisers. Our partners see that you spend a lot of time on your website without interacting with the ads. Another reason could be you are visiting your website from a country in which the number of advertising campaigns are limited. In some countries, the limited number of advertisers do not enable The Moneytizer to guarantee a 100% fill rate.Your ads’ performance (click rate, visibility,…) are very low and do not attract advertisers. Your fill rate will not reach 100% despite the great number of partners that we have. To optimize the integration of ads and revenues, do not hesitate to reach out to The Moneytizer team who are here to help ensure your ads are setup for success. Very popular
I’d like to block some advertising categories or specific brands that are displayed on my website. How do I proceed?
The Moneytizer team can create a blacklist for you site and ensure we block specific advertisers for your websites!Please keep in mind that a blacklist that is very large can drastically reduce the offer of ad campaigns and therefore the revenues generated by your website.Please contact the Customer Success Team and they will ensure we block the necessary advertisers ASAP. Few readings
Smart Ad Refresh
The Moneytizer has developed a smart ad refresh algorithm. It is therefore possible to see an ad refresh and another advertiser being displayed after some time on the page.This automatic process enables the significant growth of ad impressions as well as revenues when your visitors stay on the same page for some time.Our algorithm is based on the visibility and performance of your ads.If you wish to deactivate or change something in your Smart Refresh, please contact the Customer Success Team. Few readings
Do ad formats affect the loading speed on my website?
The technology used by our scripts is javascript asynchrone.This means that first the content of your site is loaded and THEN the ads.If you measure the loading speed of your website with a tool like GTmetrix, for example, it is possible that the result will drop after placing our ad units. This is because there is some incompatibility between programmatic advertising and GTmetrix or similar measurement tools.|| Take into account that even renowned websites face this incompatibility problem you can test by submitting some of the main websites in your country in measurement tools.Why?Ads load parallel to the content and in no way prevent your visitors from viewing the content while it is still loading.The GTmetrix tool calculates the loading of a page when all the scripts on the page have finished loading, which leads to confusion, since the audience analysis pixels are loaded AFTER the content and ads are ready. This allows you to control the behavior of Internet users in the face of the ads displayed.The page load in X seconds is therefore not a value to be taken into account in this case. Your content is shown maybe after two seconds and our ads two seconds later.This does not penalize then the accessibility of your site and its indexation in the search engines.It is also important to note that GTmetrix only has one server located in Vancouver, Canada. This can cause the time to appear longer.The Moneytizer uses servers around the world which allows for faster ads. Few readings
Can I use the ad units of the Google network and The Moneytizer at the same time?
There is no exclusivity contract at The Moneytizer! Our ads can be integrated with ads from other networks.Please lean on your Customer Success Team if you need any help with integration. Some readings
Can I add multiple websites on my account?
Of course! Your dashboard (The Moneybox) is a unique tool that enables you to manage an infinite number of websites in the same space.There, you will find your statistics organized by website and by ad units.To add a new website, go to “My websites” page, then “Add a new website”. Similar to your first website on the platform, your website will need to be validated by our team and you will have to integrate the ads.txt file to get access to your ad units. Few readings
Can I have multiple accounts?
Indeed, it is possible to use multiple accounts on The Moneytizer.However, revenues and statistics remain individual to each.In addition, no referral bonus can be validated by our staff if it concerns your different accounts. An awarded referral bonus may also be withdrawn at any time in the event of a dispute. Few readings
My website was refused. Can I register it again?
You can ask for a new validation request from The Customer Success Team.This can be useful in different cases:when you first registered, your site's traffic did not meet the minimum requirement and your audience has since have corrected/deleted the content that prevented have migrated your website to a platform that enables the inscription of ad scripts. Few readings
Why hasn’t my website been accepted yet?
Our validation team inspects your site thoroughly to make sure it meets our advertising partners requirements and that we can monetize it effectively.This operation can take up to 48 hours but usually is much faster.For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team. Some readings
How can I place the ad units with the plugin in WordPress?
Activation of the plugin: Once the plugin is downloaded and activated, you can enter your plugin id to start using it.You will find your id by logging into your personal space on our website. Click on “active formats”And then on top of the page, click on “wordpress plugin”. The id will appear in a message as shown below.You can also subscribe a website by filling in the form available in the plugin. Once your website is validated, you can retrieve your id as explained above.Statistics: In the "Home" tab of the plugin, which is the default tab you can follow the statistics of your website.Activate the ad units: In the "Formats" tab you will find a list of all your available formats.You can request certain formats and get the scripts.Integration of ad units: Once the scripts are generated, you can place the formats on your website. There are several methods.Automatic ad units Some formats can be placed automatically on your website. You will recognize them because a checkbox will be present in the column "Automatic Activation". By checking this box and clicking on "Save" the format will be directly integrated in the label on your script.Non-automatic ad units The easiest way to integrate the ad units with the plugin is to go through the "Widgets". You must select and place a "The Moneytizer" widget where you want to place the ads. Don’t forget to choose the ad unit you want to show.Whether the plugin is enabled or not, you can also use the widgets "Custom HTML" or "Text", copy and paste the code of the ad unit you want to place. You will find this code in the "Formats" tab of the plugin or in your personal space on our website.The « Recommended Content » Format The "Recommended format" is a bit special to place as it must be integrated at the end of each article.You can copy and paste the shortcode (if you use the plugin) or the normal code and place it at the end of each of your article.If your theme allows it you can also go through the theme editor, find the page related to all articles and place the code in it. Caution: All WordPress themes are organized in their own way. Consider that file names may change. In addition, if you change the WordPress theme you have to replace the format.||| Cache plugin: If you are using a plugin to manage the cache of your website, like "WpSuperCache", then it is possible that changes do not appear immediately. You must clear the cache of your website before.Personal information and bank details. In the "My Profile" and "Billing and Payments" tabs you will be able to fill in and modify your personal and banking information.In the "Notifications" tab, you will find information messages about the plugin. Few readings
I signed up but I can’t access the ad units on my dashboard
To get access to the ad units offered by The Moneytizer, two conditions are required:Your website must respect our quality chart and be validated by our team.Having the ads.txt file integrated into your website’s own root file(ads.txt). Some readings