Banners & Advertising units: The perfect ad unit for your site

There are many Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) display-formats to choose from that can be adapted by your website. Our experts will guide you through this process by explaining the benefits of each advertising format, including banners, so that you can make an informed decision.

Some forms of display ads may be more or less attractive or relevant to your website, and therefore generate more money than others. There are 3 categories of ad units: standard, high-impact and video.

The Moneytizer ad units

Standard Ad Units

The most popular standard ad units are the:

  • Hexagon red line The Moneytizer


    728 x 90

    Megabanner is a universal standard of traditional display advertisements.

    TIP: For extra efficiency install through Lazy Loading


    300 x 250

    This is the most popular ad unit in online advertising with a great fill rate and performance. The Medium Rectangle looks good on both desktop and mobile phone screens.

  • Hexagon red The Moneytizer


    300 x 600

    This ad unit has 300x600 pixels and is called a “Double MPU”. It is part of the new IAB Rising Star selection and it is very popular with premium advertisers due to its high impact but uniform size. Mobile & desktop friendly.


    120 x 600

    One of the first known digital ad units utilized consists of 120x600 pixels and is placed on the right-hand side of your content. Mobile & desktop friendly.


    300 x 250

    This 300x250 pixel ad unit is part of the MPU family. It’s usually placed on the bottom right hand side of your webpage but can go elsewhere. Mobile & desktop friendly.


    160 x 600

    This ad unit of 160x600 pixels is slightly larger than the standard Skyscraper. Mobile & desktop friendly.


    728 x 90

    Just like the standard Leaderboard format, this 728x90 pixel unit is placed on the bottom of your website. Mobile & desktop friendly.


    970 x 250

    This "widescreen" ad unit of 970x250 pixels is increasingly used by advertisers. It is placed at the top of your webpage. Mobile & desktop friendly.

High-Impact Ad units

High-impact ad units are premium formats that are implemented in addition to the classic formats.
There are five types of effective and impactful ad units that you can choose from:

  • Hexagon red The Moneytizer


    Innovative, non-intrusive and easy to install. This innovative ad unit automatically places itself on the bottom of your screen without covering content. Mobile & desktop friendly.


    250 x 300

    Publicité display/vidéo qui vient se positionner par dessus votre site, à l’ouverture de la page. Skippable au bout de 5 secondes.


    Situated conveniently below your content, this format links the ad to similar articles on other websites or advertiser pages. Mobile & desktop friendly.

  • Hexagon red line The Moneytizer


    This format redirects the user directly to an advertiser's page. Desktop & mobile compatible

Video Ad Units

Video advertisements have grown to be the best generator of digital profits, and we'll show you how to take advantage of them for your website.
Here are the main video formats:


    640 x 320

    In this format, the video-advertising content is not user-initiated and only starts when the format appears on the screen. It is strategically placed between two paragraphs. Mobile & desktop friendly.