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How can I add the consent banner?
The consent banner should be installed in the header section of your website, between the and labels.There are different ways to do it:Copy and paste the available code directly on your script. The consent banner code is available directly in your MoneyboxThrough our plugin or through the Quantcast plugin.You need to know three things!Once the banner is placed, note that the alert in your personal space will be kept in red until you change to green. Updating the consent banner on our system ***is NOT immediate. **We offer a banner, but you can use your own as long as it is compatible with the IAB norms and based on the IAB Framework.You can check that the banner is correctly placed on your website by clicking on the button on your personal space Moneybox Very popular
I am already using a consent banner, do I need to replace it for the consent banner of The Moneytizer?
If you think you already have a CMP (consent banner) set up, it is important to check that the one you’re using is compatible with the latest IAB norms (TCFv2).Simple to check! Your solution must be one of those on this page.If it isn’t the case, the programmatic buyers will not be able to detect the consent banner which could affect your revenues significantly. Very popular
Why doesn’t your consent banner work with Blogger?
For your BLOGGER site, here is the code to integrate: you have any questions, you can also consult the Quantcast guide: Very popular
What is the different between a “standard” cookie banner and a CMP?
The era of cookie banners that forced the visitor to click “OK” to keep on browsing is over.A CMP (unlike the old cookie collection banners) allows any visitor to set the parameters of the cookies he accepts and be able to modify his choice at any time.Thankfully, The Moneytizer (in collaboration with the company Quantcast) offers a free CMP that meets all the latest legislation in force in all countries of the world.To get it, you just have to copy-paste the code available in your dashboard between the head tags of your website. Some readings
What is a CMP/consent banner?
💡 A CMP (Consent Management Platform) has become an essential tool for publishers whom wish to be compliant with the GDPR legislation.If your website has even a small percentage of traffic coming from the European Union, a CMP(Consent banner) is essential for advertising.This consent banner allows publishers to collect and interpret the consent given by there audience.Once the publisher collects the consent, he or she will be able to begin advertising on the website.To help publishers in their compliance, The Moneytizer has developed a partnership with the company Quantcast and offers a free consent banner that is continuously updated according to the latest GDPR regulation.🔥 **IMPORTANT**: The Moneytizer ads are conditional on visitor consent. This means that ads will not be displayed if no CMP is present on your site.Displaying a consent banner on your website is simple! You just have to integrate the code from your dashboard/Moneybox in the section of your pages.If you are using our WordPress plugin, we offer a automatic integration which simplifies the process even more.If you think you already have a CMP set up, make sure:that this CMP is part of the official list accepted by the TCFv2that all The Moneytizer partners "Vendors" are added into it to make sure you get the best monetization possible. If your CMP doesn’t have all of our vendors, it could negatively impact advertising revenue for your website. Few readings
Who are the “Vendors” with whom The Moneytizer works with?
The “Vendors” are advertising partners who buy ad impressions on your website.If you have your own CMP, it is essential that you add all of The Moneytizer partners to optimize your revenues.To find the list of Vendors with whom The Moneytizer works, go to the “Consent banner” page and click on “I already have a CMP” to display the list. This is in your dashboard.However, if you decide to use the CMP offered by The Moneytizer (in collaboration with Quantcast), know that it is already set up and no action is required on your part once it’s installed. Some readings