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How can I add the consent banner?
The consent banner should be installed in the header section of your website, between the and labels. There are different ways to do it: Copy and paste the available code directly on your script. The consent banner code is available directly in your Moneybox Through our plugin or through the Quantcast plugin. You need to know three things! Once the banner is placed, note that the alert in your personal space will be kept in red until you change to green. Updating the consent banner on our system ***is NOT immediate. ** We offer a banner, but you can use your own as long as it is compatible with the IAB norms and based on the IAB Framework. You can check that the banner is correctly placed on your website by clicking on the button on your personal space Moneybox Très populaire
I am already using a consent banner, do I need to replace it for the consent banner of The Moneytizer?
If you already have a CMP (consent banner) solution, make sure it is compatible with the IAB norms and based on the IAB Framework. ||| If this is not the case, our ad units, and consequently Prebid, may not be able to detect the consent banner. This can affect your income significantly. Très populaire
Why the consent banner doesn't work on Blogger?
Unfortunately our alternative does not work properly with Blogger. We are sorry for the inconvenience, you can find another option, you can find other banners that work with blogger in this link Très populaire
What is the difference between a cookies banner and a consent banner?
Even if you already use a cookies banner, this is no longer enough. The cookies banner is not updated to new law requirements, You must make sure that your banner is complies to the new regulation. Quelques lectures
What is the consent banner?
The consent banner is a measure applied in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations. Within the adaptation to the new RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) standards, The Moneytizer has finally taken the decision to guide all of its publishers in the implementation of a new consent banner compatible with the new European standard. For this reason, we have developed (in collaboration with Quantcast) a consent banner with the aim of maximizing the acceptance of cookies by your users. This is our model To display this banner on your website and be sure you are complying with the new European standards, just place the code on your website between the < head > and labels directly on your script. ||| Important: we remind you that NOT displaying a consent banner on your website can cause a significant drop in your income. In fact, fewer and fewer advertisers are agreeing to advertise on websites that do not respect this law. Peu de lectures