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What is The Moneytizer's average CPM?
Our goal is simple: get the best possible CPM for each of your formats by connecting your site with as many advertising partners as possible, all competing in real time.Our Header Bidding technology is always being optimized to help boost your revenues!While we can't give you a fixed CPM because each buyer decides what price they want to offer, here are the main factors that affect your average CPM:The origin and country of your visitorsThe characteristics of your audienceThe performance of you ads (visibility, click rate...)Seasonality: advertising pressure and competition are always greater before Christmas than in early January, for example.For all these reasons, The Moneytizer offers a free solution with no time commitment or exclusivity. This way, you can test and compare our performance to the solutions you already use! Popular
Can you help me improve my revenue?
The Moneytizer has a unique advertising revenue optimization service. One of our account managers personally checks your website to help you find the best combination of formats. This service helps you improve visibility and answer any questions related to our platform.How to access this service? You can just write directly to our chat requesting the service. Is completely free of charge. Popular
Why is my CPM getting lower?
The Moneytizer uses header bidding technology, this means all our partners compete with each other to buy your advertising spaces. The Moneytizer does not set CPM prices, we simply "call" the network of partners to bid for your advertising space. Our partners are those who will determine the price of the CPM taking into account various aspects such as your traffic, visibility (the place where you have placed the formats inside your website), the geographical origin of your audience, etc. There are common factors of programmatic advertising, such as **seasonality. ** The beginning of the year and during summer are often the worst periods for programmatic advertising. There are fewer campaigns and advertisers investment decreases. Don't worry, there are also very good periods throughout the year for advertising, for example November and December. Few readings
Is it possible to integrate a "Passback" on The Moneytizer ?
Number of page views = number of impressions?
Many publishers make a direct connection between the number of page views (which they can see on tools like Google Analytics) and their number of impressions. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Indeed, if you place a unique ad unit on all of your pages, you could be tempted to deduct that 1000 pages views = 1000 impressions ( ad display).Even with a CPM system, the number of page views rarely equals the number of impressions.There can be many reasons for it:Adblocking : a certain % of your visitors use adblocking softwares that prevents the displaying of ads on your website. These visitors do not earn you anything because they do not see the ads.The browsing behaviors of your visitors: if a user is used to regularly browsing your website, he might go from one page to the other very quickly because he knows where to find the information or content he’s looking for. Therefore, there won’t be time for the ad to load and no impression will be counted.The ad Visibility. An ad that isn’t visible to your audience is not interesting for advertisers as no one is exposed to it. Consequently, this ad will have a very poor performance (click rate, visibility,…). It is therefore counterproductive to place ad formats in your footer if your visitors never scroll there. Careful, this does not mean that you should forget about the “bottom” ad units. A bottom medium rectangle (below the waterline of your site) can be a great source of revenues if it is place in the middle of your sidebar and that reading your content forces the user to go that far on the page. You know your site better than anyone, but we also have professionals here to help design the perfect setup for your site! Contact your Customer Success Team anytime!The Moneytizer pays all its publishers on a CPM basis. In spite of the obstacles to monetization that we have just listed, it is obvious that your traffic and your number of impressions are intimately linked. The more visitors you have on your site thanks to quality content, the more you will be paid thanks to the large number of impressions that your site generates :) Popular
How to explain important CPM variations on my website?
The Moneytizer centralizes all sources of advertising demand to compete on each of your advertising spaces.This means that, on a like-for-like basis (same format, same site, no particular changes), the CPM for the same ad unit can vary depending on many factors:Launch of a high CPM advertising campaign targeted to your siteSeasonality: the end of the year is the time when the competition is the strongest, pulling all CPMs up.An increase or decrease in the perfomance of your ad units. Some readings
I integrated the ads but I don’t see any statistic on my dashboard
Do not worry! Due to the large number of advertising partners connected to The Moneytizer, it is unfortunately impossible for us to display the statistics in real time.To be sure you get the definite statistics, your revenues and impressions will be displayed the next day at 1:00pm EST. Some readings