FAQ The Moneytizer

What is the average CPM?
Remember that we work with "header bidding" this means there is an auction system created among all our partners for each of the formats on your website. As in an auction, each partner decides how much they pay for the purchase of your advertising space. This is why we cannot guarantee an average CPM. | We do guarantee is the best CPM. That is, auction between partners = no fixed price but the assurance of always obtaining the best possible remuneration for each format. Your earnings will depend on several factors: the formats you decide to place on your website, the price at which our associates will buy your advertising prints, etc. Populaire
Can you help me improve my revenue?
The Moneytizer has a unique advertising revenue optimization service. One of our account managers personally checks your website to help you find the best combination of formats. This service helps you improve visibility and answer any questions related to our platform. How to access this service? You can just write directly to our chat requesting the service. Is completely free of charge. Populaire
Why is my CPM getting lower?
The Moneytizer uses header bidding technology, this means all our partners compete with each other to buy your advertising spaces. The Moneytizer does not set CPM prices, we simply "call" the network of partners to bid for your advertising space. Our partners are those who will determine the price of the CPM taking into account various aspects such as your traffic, visibility (the place where you have placed the formats inside your website), the geographical origin of your audience, etc. There are common factors of programmatic advertising, such as **seasonality. ** The beginning of the year and during summer are often the worst periods for programmatic advertising. There are fewer campaigns and advertisers investment decreases. Don't worry, there are also very good periods throughout the year for advertising, for example November and December. Peu de lectures