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  • How to Use Long-Form Content to Optimize Your Ad Views

    When you’re creating content for your website you may be wondering how you can increase in turn earn ad revenue. Fortunately, there are new marketing strategies constantly introduced into the conversation that allow you to do so. One such strategy you may or may not have heard of is long-form content. More than just a buzz-word, this written style of content – typically 2,000 words or more – is on the rise.

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  • Avoiding Ad Dilution: More Isn’t Better

    It might seem like a great way to improve your ad revenue is just to add more ad slots. You might look at your page and see that one ad spot is worth $40 CPM. It might be tempting to add a second ad spot, but the reality is, you probably won’t end up making $80 total. You’ll also run into response, experience, and maybe even SEO problems. Let’s talk about ad dilution.

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  • Overcoming Ad Blockers

    Have you ever compared your ad impressions number to your website visits number and found them significantly different? If so, many of the people visiting your website likely have ad blocking technology running on their computer. While this certainly helps improve their experience, it’s cutting into your ad revenue from your site.

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  • 3 Major Advertising Trends

    Staying on top of new trends is one of the best ways to make sure you’re displaying the best ad units possible on your website both for your audience’s benefit and for your revenue. Let’s take a look at three major advertising trends right now: native ads, video ads, and push notifications.

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  • Content Blocking in Push Notifications

    It’s no secret that some Internet users are annoyed by ads. They’re so annoyed, in fact, that they install an ad blocker to avoid seeing any ads at all. The world of ad blocking is interesting. On one had web surfers are enjoying an ad free experience on the other publishers are left missing out on revenue from unshown ads. Push advertising and notifications have become a way around that for publishers.

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  • Google’s New First-Price Auction

    Recently, Google announced that they’ll be turning their ad exchange and ad server (AdX and Ad Manager, respectively) into a first-price auction system. In short, this will likely mean that advertisers will be altering their strategies. What this will mean for publishers is still up for debate. Some ads will likely be worth more, while others will be worth less than they currently are.

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  • What is eCPM?

    Advertising acronyms can easily become overwhelming and confusing, so today we’re only going to talk about one: eCPM or effective cost per mille. This is essentially the same thing as RPM or revenue per thousand impressions, as it’s what the publishers are paid per thousand impressions.

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