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  • The sticky ads guide and why publishers should use them

    Sticky ads are getting more and more popular with publishers and advertisers because of their good performances. They considerably increase the number of views and clicks on your ads when the user scrolls down the page. In this article, we will explain what sticky ads are and why publishers should use them to increase their revenues. 

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  • The seasonality of online advertising

    Like any business, online advertising is not immune to seasonality. But what does this mean for publishers? It’s essential to be aware of these periods in order to prepare and adapt to them. Of course, nothing is set in stone when it comes to online advertising. However, this article is here to give you the main trends of seasonality and avoid surprises. 

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  • How to monetize a small website: Pros and cons 

    At the time of writing, it has never been easier to monetize a small website. Indeed, content creators are passionate people with various profiles. This necessarily attracts very “niche” visitors to their sites. With such qualified audiences, monetization is therefore made possible. Let’s tackle together several elements of reflection during the reading of this article. You will then be able to sort out the advantages and disadvantages of monetizing a small site.

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  • How does Smart Refresh work?

    Do you know about Smart Refresh? If you are monetizing your website using online advertising, you are certainly always looking for new ways to increase your ad revenues. You can do so by optimizing your website, but there are other ways. Platforms like The Moneytizer don’t only offer to display banners, they help you boost your revenues thanks to various technologies. Want to know more? 

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  • Monetizing your cooking blog

    You want to share your passion for cooking? Whether you are in the process of creating your blog or you already have an attentive audience to your new recipes, this article is for you. Monetizing your cooking blog is a little like living off of your passion! And that’s a good thing, because it can be a profitable passion. We are going to explain why monetizing your blog can be interesting and the best and easiest way to do it. Ready to gather your best recipes?  

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  • Contextual advertising explained

    Contextual advertising or contextual targeting takes place in an environment where the need to protect the personal data of Internet users is a concern. The subject of programmatic advertising is a hotly debated topic, so much so that web players have put in place solutions to limit abusive tracking and the scope of targeting on online user behavior.

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  • High-impact ad units

    Digital advertising is an efficient way of monetizing a website or a blog. The International Advertising Bureau (IAB) developed a norm for ads which enables advertisers to manage their campaigns on different websites more easily. The IAB created various ad units for them to be used in online advertising. Among those ad units, there are the high-impact ad units. These are premium formats that are implemented in addition to the standard ones.

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