FAQ The Moneytizer

Can I choose the brands and products that will be display on my ad spaces?
Unfortunately you cannot choose the brands or products displaying on your website Why? We work with more than 50 partners and each one of them work with hundreds of advertising campaigns simultaneously. It is impossible to know which campaign will be displaying on each ad space of each website How do control the displaying ads? ||| In order to managed the content and type of products displaying on your website, there are several filters taken in consideration. For instance, we DO NOT accept or DISPLAY any ad about streaming services, gambling, illegal downloads and sexual content ads. The purpose is to show ads of well-known brands in your website and most important to show ads that appeal directly to your audience. Please consider, that doing a blacklist is possible, you can block a direct competitor or a specific brand that you do not want to display ads of. To do so, just contact your account manager or send a message directly to our chat. Quelques lectures
The Skin Format & Recommended Content
The higher impact ad formats require a special validation process by our partners, such as the Skin or Recommended Content. That's why it will take a little longer to see the ad tags to appear on your dashboard. Populaire
What type of ads will be displaying on my website?
The Moneytizer allows you to spread relevant and interesting advertising to your visitors on your website. This means that your visitors will see advertising campaigns from their country and in their own language. Ads will always be displayed in the language of the user. On each visit we geolocate the IP address so that they are always displayed in the correct language. That is, a German visitor will see ads in German even if they visit an American site. Also, please note that by default we do not accept or broadcast advertisements for gambling sites, adult themes such as pornography, dating sites, or fraudulent downloads. Quelques lectures
Responsive Ad Formats
Our ad formats are responsive to any screen size whether that is a desktop, mobile and tablets. Peu de lectures
Can I place one ad unit more than once?
||| You shouldn't put more than one of the same ad unit on the same page of your website. Why? The formats (ad units) that has the same ID will be displayed sticking one to another. Our partners detect the number of times a same ad is displayed on a same page. The revenues will simply be divided by the number of formats. At The Moneytizer, we recommend to use different kind of formats within one page. | *Note: Only for the medium rectangle and megabanner, it is possible to add the same banner twice. This is possible because there are two different versions available. Each version with a specific ID. Quelques lectures