FAQ The Moneytizer

“Skin” and “Recommended content” ad units
Unlike standard ad units (Megabanner, Top Medium Rectangle, etc.), these formats require validation from our partners before the advertising campaigns can be broadcasted.Therefore, it is absolutely normal if you are not able to access the script directly from your “Ad units” page.In addition, the "Skin" format requires custom calibration by our technical team to ensure optimal delivery. This calibration can take up to 5 working days. Popular
What type of ads will be displayed on my website?
The quality of our ads is one of our top priorities.The Moneytizer only displays ads that are relevant to your visitors.The advertising campaigns visible on your website depend on your visitors’ profile. This means that you won't necessarily see the same advertisers as your visitors.Ads are profile and country specific. A German user will be exposed to German ad campaigns even if they visit a Spanish site.Please note that, by default, we do not accept or display ads for gambling sites, adult content, dating sites or illegal downloads. Some readings
Are The Moneytizer ad units mobile-friendly?
Yes! All of The Moneytizer ad units are automatically compatible on mobile.There are 2 possibilities:The ad unit can be displayed the same way on desktop and mobile because its dimensions are adapted to all screen sizes. Example: top medium rectangle (300X250 px)Initially, the ad unit has not been thought out for mobile and it is automatically replaced with a more suitable ad unit. Example: the megabanner (728x90px) is replaced by a mobile banner (320x100px) Few readings
Can I place the same ad unit several times on the same page?
You should not put the same ad unit more than once on the same page of your website.Why?* The ad units that have the same ID will be stuck together when displayed.* Our partners detect the number of times the same ad is displayed on the page. The revenue will simply be divided by the number of formats.However, there is an exception for the “Rectangle” and “Megabanner” ad units. Those ones are available twice by using the “Bottom Medium Rectangle” and “Megabanner bottom” tags. Some readings
Is it possible to use The Moneytizer ad units on AMP pages?
Unfortunately, it is impossible for The Moneytizer to monetize AMP pages.The Header Bidding technology that we use implies a competition between dozens of advertising partners for your ad space. Few readings