FAQ The Moneytizer

Questions related to our ads / tags / formats

Are your ads responsive?

Mobile traffic has great value. That is why all of our ad units are responsive. For the larger formats such as the Billboard (970x250px), it can be replaced by a more suitable banner for your users: 300x250 or 320x100px.

Why do ads reload after a while?

In order to maximize your ad revenues, we « refresh » the ad unit after a while if it is still visible to the user. This process allows us to: - multiply the number of impressions on the same page in order to increase your ad revenues - catch the eye of the user at the time of the “refresh” and maximize the chance that he interacts with the advertising

Are your ads slowing down the load time of my website?

The technology used by our scripts is asynchronous JavaScript. It means that the content of your page will be loaded first THEN the ads. If you are using tools such as GTmetrix to analyze the speed of your website, it is possible that the final score indicated by the tool will be lower than the score before adding the tags. Why? The ads are loading in parallel to your content and doesn’t prevent your users from having access to your content while the ads are loading. The GTmetrix tool calculates the loading time of a page once all of the scripts are loaded, w hich can be deceiving as pixels that analyze your audience are loaded long after the content and the ads. The page generation in X seconds is not a value to take into account in this case. Your content might load after 2 seconds and our tags 2 seconds after that. Therefore it doesn’t penalize the access to your website nor the indexing of your website in search engines.

My website’s traffic comes from different countries. In which language will the ads be?

For every visitor on your website, we identify the IP address to make sure the ads are displayed in the user’s language. A German visitor will see ads from German advertisers even if he is on an American website.

How many ads maximum per page can I place?

To optimize without disrupting the user experience of a website is a huge challenge for publishers. There is no maximum number of ads you can place on one page, Ideally the magic number is three. However it is about optimizing your website so that the ads are visible and it doesn't disturb the user experience

Can I place the same tag several times on one page?

You should not duplicate a tag on a page. Why? - The formats that have the same
ID will be “glued” to each other. - The advertisers detect how many times the same format is present on a page. The revenue generated will simply be divided by the number of formats. The solution is to use different formats offered by The Moneytizer. Therefore, on the same page, you can place a “top medium rectangle” and a “bottom medium rectangle” to optimize your monetization. Same for the megabanner format.

How long do I have to place the requested formats?

Once you have requested the ad units (during or after your registration), you have 14 days to place them on your website. They’ll be deactivated after this time and you’ll need to reactivate them via the button on the “TAGS” page in your Moneybox. The tags will be live at midnight (UTC+1).

Can I place your tags in an iframe?

We strongly discouraged you to place The Moneytizer ad tags in an iframe. The iframe prevents proper analysis of your domain by our buying partners. If they do not have a good idea of where their ads will be displayed, advertisers will tend to offer low prices. If you are using the Google DFP server, you must uncheck the box “Served into a SafeFrame” in order to allow buyers to access website information.

I integrated your ads on my website but nothing seems to be displaying.

After integrating our ad units on your website you have to wait a few minutes before the first ads are displayed. If after one hour you still cannot see any ad, you have 3 possibilities: - Some ad units such as the “in text” video do not have a 100% fill rate due to its high price. Which means that the advertising will only be visible by some of your visitors. - You are the webmaster of your website and have therefore no “advertising value” for the advertisers as soon as they detect that you spend too much time on your website without interfering with an ad. Your IP address is therefore no longer bought and you cannot see the ad. - You access your website from a country where the number of ad campaigns is limited. In some countries, the low number of advertisers means we can't ensure a 100% fill rate. - Your ad performances (click rate, visibility, etc.) are really low and the advertisers are no longer interested in buying your ad spaces. Your fill rate won’t potentially reach 100% despite our large number of partners.

Can I change the number of thumbnails and the style of the "Recommended Content" ad unit?

It is unfortunately impossible to customize the advertising formats because the same template is used all over our publisher network.

I am facing errors in the console of my browser when I place your ad units on my HTTPS website, why ?

It can happen that some advertising campaigns using HTTP generate errors in the console of your browser or hinder the display of the lock "Secured" on your website. This does not affect the monetization of your website, nor your SEO on search engines. The online advertising is gradually migrating to a 100% HTTPS campaigns, but there are still a large number of buyers that haven’t adopted this standard.