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Network in 52+ countries

Looking to display your ads in Italy, France, Germany or Brazil? The Moneytizer can provide you with a very wide audience across the planet.

Thanks to our network of 10 000 publishers we are able to display your ads internationally and more particularly across more than 52 countries.

Here are a few of our most requested geographies. Take a look at our performances in those countries!

The Moneytizer advertising solution

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Thanks to our partners you can now buy our network on their platform through different types of deals:

Private auctions

This type of deal correspond to an action where multiple buyers are in competition and function as a first price auction, but there are no commitments from the buyers to buy the impressions.

Direct deals

Direct deals have a fixed price and one buyer only. The buyer can reject impressions. Direct deals get the "first look", so they have priority over open auctions.

Guaranteed deals

It functions with a fixed price and one buyer only. This buyer agrees with this deal to buy all the impressions concerned.

Best ad units available

All our ad units are IAB approved. Our classical formats are the most performing and most popular among our publishers network. With our ad campaign and our network of publishers, you can be sure to display your ads to the right audience.


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Publishers example

French dictionary website generating on average 15 000 000 vu/month

  • Category:
  • VU/month:
    15 millions
  • Geo:

German food website generating on average 400 000 vu/month

  • Category:
    Food & Beverages
  • VU/month:
  • Geo:

Font library generating on average 18 000 000 vu/month

  • Category:
    High Tech
  • VU/month:
    18 millions
  • Geo:
    United States

Advertise on our network with our partners

Advertising on our sites has never been easier. Connect with our partner to buy our inventory. Deals are agreements between publishers and buyers that our partners (supply side) and DSP (demand side) help create, each deal having its own unique ID. Advertising campaign can be served to the right audience/context/environments with all sorts of targeting criteria.