Online ads: what advertisers expect from you


Online ads: what advertisers expect from you

Advertisers can help you earn money by filling up your ad inventory. However, for them to purchase your ad spaces, you need to meet some criteria. Advertisers have more subjective criteria than the ones deciding if your website is appropriate. To get a better understanding of online ads, we’ll tell you what those are. 

Appropriate content

First of all, advertisers want clean and safe content. Some content is automatically rejected: porn, drugs, illegal streaming, homophobia, racism… Most advertisers avoid those types of websites at all costs! They look for sites that have content that is brand-safe. 

Bet on visible ads

Your online ads must benefit from optimal viewability. The more visible they are, the more profitable for advertisers, and for you! Indeed, a well placed ad will be seen by more people. Which will lead to more potential clicks, and optimal revenues. Keep in mind that advertisers want their products to be seen, and sold if the users were to go to their websites. 

Reminder: always go for the ad units which suit the design of your website. You don’t want to disturb the user experience. 

Quality above all 

Advertisers are often reluctant to display online ads on websites with small audiences. However, some of them can ignore this when the audience has value. In other words, if you don’t have a large audience but a qualitative one, advertisers can be willing to work with you. 

For example, news websites often have large audiences. Top-market advertisers are attracted to this kind of website because they generate a lot of revenues. On the other hand, small advertisers are more flexible when it comes to niche audiences. 

But it isn’t always true: some big advertisers can take the quality of the audience into account. If you have a website about a very specific topic, the value of your audience can bring you great advertisers. 

Honest traffic

Advertisers want to avoid fraud. They are willing to pay for a traffic verification by the MRC. That way, they protect their image and remove the spendings of fake audiences. It allows them to only fill premium inventories that are clean and seen by real visitors. 

Some advertising purchase platforms warn premium websites’ publishers that they could be a target for fraudsters. Publishers have to know that advertisers will use verification tools to filter websites before working with them. Online advertising is only efficient if it is seen by real people visiting your site! 

What you should keep in mind

To sum up, advertisers want quality websites. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean quantity. Using bots to increase your audience will only affect your credibility. As we mentioned, your audience can be small but qualitative. It doesn’t mean advertisers will ignore you. However, it is a subjective criteria. The level of “value” or “quality” of a website changes all the time. 

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