Why is ads viewability so important?

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Why is ads viewability so important?

The ads viewability is the measure to describe the visibility of ads on a website by the sites audience. In 2014, the IAB and the Media Rating Council determined that to be considered visible, at least half of an ad must be displayed for at least 1 second for an image or 2 seconds for a video

For some reason, not everyone agreed on this criteria. Marketing specialists and media suppliers use different terms for viewability. 

What makes viewability so important? 

Visibility is as important for branding ads as it is for performance ads. This means that the time of ad display will have an influence on the viewer. 

Moreover, readability is considered a key yield indicator. Marketing specialists examine the frequency at which an ad is viewed to understand the quality of the impression and make sure their investment is good.

What is inconsistency in ads viewability? 

Quite simple! If different websites use different viewability norms to give results, marketing specialists can be wrong in their measures of ads performance. Furthermore, this could drive to an increase in ad spending in the wrong field. 

For publishers, not having a standard visibility measure could have an impact on ad revenues. Advertisers don’t want to purchase ads that are not seen and which don’t generate any revenue. Some websites consider ads as “served” even though users have to scroll to see them. If the users don’t scroll, it is a loss of viewers for marketers. If marketing specialists notice that the ads are not seen, they will stop buying ads on your website. 

Best practices for a good ad visibility in regards to advertisers

For advertisers, it is essential to think of the ad strategy during their conception. For example, your logo or any important information must be included at the top of the ad. That way, viewers will be more likely to notice it, even if they don’t see the whole ad. Make sure your ads and its key messages are clear and visible. 

How publishers can enhance their visibility

If you’re trying to find a better way to enhance the ads visibility, there is one thing you need to keep in mind. First of all, make sure to optimize the “above the fold” ad spaces. Don’t place too many! It might impact the loading time negatively, which reduces the number of visitors for the whole page. Always play with different sizes and types of ads to determine what is best for your website. 

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