How to improve your SEO?


How to improve your SEO?

More than 65,000 searches are made every second on Google. So you are probably wondering how to get to the top of the Google search engine? This is the goal of SEO which means Search Engine Optimization. Everyone who owns a website dreams of being on the first page of Google. In this article there are several techniques and strategies to improve your SEO.

Quality content… 

The first two things a person sees when they do a Google search are your title and your meta description. Using a Question as a title is usually well received by Google. Remember not to exceed 40 characters. In addition, your title must respond to a specific search. Then, the meta description is the text that appears under your title. It should not exceed 155 characters. The objective is for people to click on your title so you have to make it attractive by using relevant keywords. Avoid ones that are too popular or too general and implement niche/long tail keywords. Imagine the questions your targets would ask in order to find the right ones. Then make sure those keywords are repeated a certain number of times to boost your SEO! 

Concerning the content of your blog, it must be pedagogical, original, easy to read and without spelling mistakes. As for the structure of your articles, we recommend a minimum of 500-600 words. Write an introduction, two or three parts and a conclusion. 

Small tip: include the title of your article in the introduction!

… and credible 

In order to make your site credible, you need to be talked about. The more backlinks you have or in other words, external links that refer to your site, the better you will be ranked. Indeed, Google ranks web pages according to the number and quality of links that lead to it. For the search engine, being recommended by another web page is a sign of trust. 

To get these backlinks, it can be done naturally. If you have quality content, it will be shared by other sites. You can also get in touch with website publishers but you might have to pay. It is an essential technique to improve your SEO.

An accessible site 

Google also takes into account the technical aspect of your site. The quality of your site’s design,format and loading speed is extremely important.  90% of users leave the page if it takes between 3 to 5 seconds to load. It is therefore necessary to be sure that your site does not take too long to load. A fast website will always be better referenced by Google! Avoid images that are too heavy to reduce the loading time. 

It is also very important that your site is responsive. That means that it adapts to smartphones and tablets. If you use a CMS like WordPress, it is automatically formatted this way.

Lastly, Be patient! It usually takes several months for a website to appear on the first page of Google. So apply these tips when designing your site. Your site will have more chances of ending up in the first results of a search! Want some examples? Check out our blog! We apply all these tips when we write our articles. 

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