Our 6 advices for an efficient newsletter


Our 6 advices for an efficient newsletter

Half of people spend less than 10 seconds on a newsletter. That’s why it is so important for your newsletter to be well-thought if you want people to open it, and read it. This tool enables you to have a privileged relationship with your contacts. They will receive your message directly, unlike a social media post that will not be seen by everyone! Here are our advices for an efficient newsletter. 

#1 A short and impactful subject

It is essential that your email subject is impactful. Indeed, it has to encourage people to click and catch the attention in a glimpse. The goal is to awaken the reader’s curiosity and to make him/her want to see what’s in the newsletter. Go for short sentences, a striking number or a question, for instance. 

#2 A coherent and relevant content

Once you’ve caught your contact’s attention, your content needs to be relevant and coherent with your company. You shouldn’t send a newsletter just for the sake of it. It has to be thought through and have a precise goal. For example, you can introduce a new product or an update. You can also redirect the reader to your blog by sharing an article. A contest or a promotion can also be great content for a newsletter. Furthermore, you need to write as if you were writing to a friend to create a closeness with your contact. 

#3 An attractive page layout

Now that you have an efficient content for your email, you need to lay it out. Your text shouldn’t be too long if you don’t want to scare off your reader. Get to the point and use short and simple sentences. We advise you to go with about a hundred words in different paragraphs. Finally, don’t make the design too complicated. 

#4 A call to action 

As we mentioned earlier, your newsletter must have a precise goal. Don’t forget to insert a call to action in your newsletter. It is a button used to lead the reader towards the goal of your newsletter. It can be to schedule an appointment, a purchase or even a subscription. It has to be highlighted and visible. 

#5 Freedom! 

You don’t want to spam your contacts with repetitive or intrusive newsletters. Make sure you are sending it regularly but not too much. Don’t forget to add an opt-out option, it is a legal obligation in some countries. And it is always appreciated to have options. 

#6 A personalization

Find a tool that enables you to get personal with your contacts. At The Moneytizer, we use Sendinblue. With it, it is possible to personalize the recipient’s email address. Avoid email addresses such as, the personal ones are much better. You can also use variables such as the name of the contact to personalize your email. 

Don’t hesitate to get inspiration online or in the newsletters you are subscribed to! The idea is for you to like it and for your contacts to be happy when they receive it. 

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