3 Tips for a good blog article


3 Tips for a good blog article

Nowadays, a blog is essential to communicate on the internet. Well-written articles increase the visibility of your brand. However, thousands of articles are written everyday and you need to differentiate yourself. Here are a few tips for a good blog article!

1. The title must be catchy

For any article, the title is one of the most important parts. It’s what makes the visitors click or not. The more intriguing your title, the higher chance you’ll have to attract readers. You have to make them want to know more. Some qualities are important to have THE perfect title: 

  • Specificity: be precise and avoid vast advices
  • Creativity: humor and originality are your allies
  • Be brief: not too long, not too short, be clear!
  • Unique: don’t even think of doing an old copy/paste from a competitor or a referent. Google won’t like it and neither will your visitors.
  • Understandable: don’t use a vocabulary that’s too complicated. You want people to understand what you are writing. 

After the title, the hook… 

The hook is as important as the title since the visitor will decide if he wants to keep reading during the first lines. Storytelling or a relevant question can be good ideas to start your article. It is important to give a good explanation of the article’s topic so the reader directly knows what it’s about.  

2. In your article : Know how to argue your point

Giving information to your readers is good, but proving your point to them is better! Argumentation is necessary: indicate your sources at the end of the article, quote, insert images, prove the authenticity of your article.

Don’t be scared of writing too much

It’s never too much when you want to learn! There isn’t a perfect number of words for an article. You need a content that’s rich and varied, while always targeted. Be precise and don’t be scared of long articles.You must find the right balance between too long and too short. Quickly browsing the subject won’t be interesting for the readers. Also, an article that’s 3 pages long might bore them. Alternate and be smart about it. 

For good articles, trust the analytics

Learn how to spot articles that worked or didn’t thanks to analytics: click rate, comments, shares… It will enable you to figure out the topics that peaked your audience’s interests and then understand why. It’s always good to know why an article didn’t have any success to avoid making the same mistakes. Don’t hesitate to do some reporting to help you in your next articles. 

3. When you write your article : Keep your target in mind

Use the language and the tone that’s expected from your readers! Don’t be too formal, you could lose them in the process. You are here to give advice, help them with tips, so you need to be approachable. Your article must reflect who you are. 

Organize the reading

Not 100% of all your articles will be read by all of your visitors. That’s why it’s important to guide the visitors through their reading. First of all, the content needs to be hierarchized. Put titles, subtitles in bold and/or italic. Avoid long sentences or paragraphs to make sure you don’t bore the readers. 

Finally, always illustrate your articles with images and/or graphs. 

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