FAQ The Moneytizer

Do ad formats affect the loading speed on my website?

The technology used by our scripts is javascript asynchrone.

This means that first the content of your site is loaded and THEN the ads.

If you measure the loading speed of your website with a tool like GTmetrix, for example, it is possible that the result will drop after placing our ad units. This is because there is some incompatibility between programmatic advertising and GTmetrix or similar measurement tools.

|| Take into account that even renowned websites face this incompatibility problem you can test by submitting some of the main websites in your country in measurement tools.


Ads load parallel to the content and in no way prevent your visitors from viewing the content while it is still loading.

The GTmetrix tool calculates the loading of a page when all the scripts on the page have finished loading, which leads to confusion, since the audience analysis pixels are loaded AFTER the content and ads are ready. This allows you to control the behavior of Internet users in the face of the ads displayed.

The page load in X seconds is therefore not a value to be taken into account in this case. Your content is shown maybe after two seconds and our ads two seconds later.

This does not penalize then the accessibility of your site and its indexation in the search engines.

It is also important to note that GTmetrix only has one server located in Vancouver, Canada. This can cause the time to appear longer.

The Moneytizer uses servers around the world which allows for faster ads.