FAQ The Moneytizer

I integrated ads on my website but they are not displaying, why?

After integrating The Moneytizer scripts into your website, it may take a few hours for the first advertisements to run.

However, if a few hours have passed and you are still seeing blank ad spaces, there can be a few possibilities:

  • You have not integrated a CMP (consent banner) and The Moneytizer ads cannot be displayed.

  • Some ad units offered by The Moneytizer do not benefit from a 100% fill rate. Because of a high CPM, advertisers may decide to only display their campaigns to a small part of your visitors.

  • You are the website owner and your IP address does not have as much value to advertisers. Our partners see that you spend a lot of time on your website without interacting with the ads. Another reason could be you are visiting your website from a country in which the number of advertising campaigns are limited. In some countries, the limited number of advertisers do not enable The Moneytizer to guarantee a 100% fill rate.

  • Your ads’ performance (click rate, visibility,…) are very low and do not attract advertisers. Your fill rate will not reach 100% despite the great number of partners that we have. To optimize the integration of ads and revenues, do not hesitate to reach out to The Moneytizer team who are here to help ensure your ads are setup for success.