FAQ The Moneytizer

How can I add the consent banner?

The consent banner should be installed in the header section of your website, between the and labels.

There are different ways to do it:

  1. Copy and paste the available code directly on your script. The consent banner code is available directly in your Moneybox
  2. Through our plugin or through the Quantcast plugin.

You need to know three things!

  1. Once the banner is placed, note that the alert in your personal space will be kept in red until you change to green. Updating the consent banner on our system ***is NOT immediate. **
  2. We offer a banner, but you can use your own as long as it is compatible with the IAB norms and based on the IAB Framework.
  3. You can check that the banner is correctly placed on your website by clicking on the button on your personal space Moneybox

Verified your consent banner