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How do I get The Moneytizer's ads.txt file to update automatically?

In order to always sell the advertising space on your site at the best price, it is essential to integrate the file provided by The Moneytizer in the root of your site. Here is a step by step
in how to integrate the file properly:

${color}[#ff0000](IMPORTANT: If you have already installed an ADS.TXT file with other advertising networks other than The Moneytizer. It is important to keep this file with all the appropriate lines at the root of your site. With that being said, there must only be one ADS.TXT file with all the advertising partners and companies in which you are working with. The system developed
by The Moneytizer SAVES all the ads.txt lines of all your other partners.)

  1. Log in to your personal space The Moneytizer thanks to the following link:

  2. Select the website where you want to integrate the ads.txt file

The Moneybox

Then go to the bottom of the site page to download the ads_tm.php file needed for the integration.

  1. To integrate the files in the root of your site, you need to have the "ftp codes" of your server. Depending on the host you have chosen, these may be in different places on your
    host's site. An example is on the OVH interface:

Go to the "Hosting" tab on the left side and click on your site.

At the top of the window, click on "FTP-SSH" and retrieve the following information: ftp
server / Login / Password

  1. To communicate with your server, you need to use ftp client software. One of the best known on the market is Filezilla. You can download it for free for PC or MAC from the official

  2. . Once the installation is complete, launch the software. It is presented in a simple way: on the left is the content of your computer and on the right is the content of your server (the
    files of your website) once the connection is established.

  3. To connect to your site, click on "File" and then "Site Managers". At the bottom of the window, click on "New Site" and name your site as you wish. Fill in the following boxes with
    the information collected from your host.

From the "Authentication Type" drop-down menu, select "Normal".

Host: corresponds to the IP of the server (FTP Server). On OVH, it looks like this:

Login: corresponds to your host login
Password: your host password

Once all this is completed, click on "Login". The files of your site now appear in the box on the right of the Filezilla software. In the right window, click on " www " (or equivalent for
another host) to access the root of your site. If you are using WordPress on your site, you should see the "wp-content" folder (see image below).

  1. On the left window (your computer), right-click on the ads_tm.php file you have downloaded and click on "Send". The file is directly transferred to the root of your site.

${color}[#ff0000](WARNING: the file MUST NOT be placed in the "wp-content" folder but ON THE SAME LEVEL of the tree structure of your site.)


  1. Then open the .htaccess file already present on your server (right column on Filezilla).

  2. Copy and paste the following 2 lines at the beginning of your .htaccess :
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule ^ads.txt$ ads_tm.php

  1. Save changes.

  2. To check that the file is in place on your website, it is important to compare the following addresses on your browser

  • http(s):// (with only the lines of the ads.txt file of The Moneytizer)
  • http(s):// (with all the lines of ads.txt The Moneytizer + the other lines of the rest of your ad platforms.)

||| The content of both addresses must be the same.

Then click on the button 'Check your ads.txt file' from your personal space.

If you have any questions or difficulties inserting your file? Our team is at your disposal to help you. Do not hesitate to write us from the online chat present in your personal space