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Ads.txt File

There are two ways to integrate the ads.txt file into your website

  1. Automatic: the ads.txt file will be updated automatically, this means there will be no need of further actions. Your ads.txt file will be always on the latest version. You can find all the instructions in this link

  2. Manually: every time there is a new version of our ads.txt file you have to updated. You can read detailed instructions on how to integrate the ads.txt file into your website step by step directly on this link

It is IMPORTANT that you take a few things into account!

  • Google Adsense and other ad platforms

If you have already installed an ADS.TXT file with more advertising networks other than The Moneytizer, it is important to add the entire content of our file in order to be able to show every advertising partner via our platform. With that being said, there must only be one ADS.TXT file with the information of all the companies with which you working with in advertising. In this file you must include the content of The Moneytizer ADS.TXT.

If you already work with GOOGLE ADSENSE, you must include your Adsense account information in our ads.txt file before uploading the ads.txt file to your site. Generally, it is a single line such as type, pub-XXXXXXXXXXXX, DIRECT, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

At this link you can see how to find your Adsense account line for the ads.txt file.

  • How do I check if my ads.txt file is properly integrated?

To verify that the file has been successfully integrated on your site, just enter the following address directly into your browser

  1. for the manual version: http(s)://
  2. for the automatic version: It is important to compare the following addresses on your browser
  • http(s):// (with only the lines of the ads.txt file of The Moneytizer)
  • http(s):// (with all the lines of ads.txt The Moneytizer + the other lines of the rest of your ad platforms.)

||| The content of both addresses must be the same.

Then click on the button 'Check your ads.txt file' from your personal space.

Check your ads.txt file

This button is located next to the file download button. To access it, click on the name of your website first and then go to the bottom of the page

| You must click on this button in order to generate your advertising tags.|

  • Latest version

Remember that you can also see at any time an updated version of the ads.txt in this link or download it from your personal space.