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Digital advertising is an efficient way of monetizing a website or a blog. The International Advertising Bureau (IAB) developed a norm for ads which enables advertisers to manage their campaigns on different websites more easily. The IAB created various ad units for them to be used in online advertising. Among those ad units, there are the high-impact ad units. These are premium formats that are implemented in addition to the standard ones.

Footer or Slide-in

Innovative, non-intrusive and easy to install, this plug and play banner automatically positions itself at the bottom or on the side of your screen without covering your content. It will remain at the same place while the visitor scrolls down the page. Its excellent exposure increases the visibility time of the ads. This will increase your CPM, and therefore your income. Compatible desktop & mobile, this ad unit remains one of the most profitable formats, we can only advise you to try it.

Recommended content

This is an insert ideally located below your content, this format recommends similar articles available on other websites. Very popular with websites with long articles, it allows visitors to discover new content that might interest them. It combines images and texts to promote this additional content. Compatible with desktop & mobile, this can however lead to redirections to other publishers, and thus to a slight reduction in the time spent on the website per visitor. Recommended content tools are used in marketing to offer additional content to users in their internet search.


Interstitial ads deliver high conversion rates for advertisers and huge revenue potential for publishers. Worried about “banner-blindness”? Interstitiels appear while a particular chosen website or page is loading, utilizing those valuable spare moments in between web pages to reach the audience with an immersive ad experience. For advertisers, interstitial ads are an extremely versatile and cost-effective ad format that delivers maximum exposure in exchange for minimal investment.


Pop is pretty intrusive, but necessarily efficient. The visitor cannot escape it except through a click. It automatically appears above (pop over) or below (pop under) the visited page. Once it appears below the browser, the pop under remains hidden behind and the pop over requires the action of closing the page to stop the ad. This desktop & mobile compatible format immediately captures visitors and is therefore very profitable for the advertiser but also for your CPM. On the other hand, it presents risks due to intrusiveness that can sometimes push readers to leave before the end of their navigation. It is generally used by advertisers to to encourage web users to fill out forms or to display an advertising message in a more imposing way. 

There are many types of digital advertising formats with different requirements, such as mobile-friendly formats or video formats.To discover the other ad units that we offer, you can visit our dedicated page

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