Increase the CPM on your website

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Increase the CPM on your website

Are you a publisher? If so, what comes next might catch your attention! This article will focus on a key indicator linked to your traffic performance… The CPM, or cost per mille. In this article, we will define what CPM is and how it’s calculated. We will then explain which factors influence this metric and what are some ways to optimize it.

Definition of CPM in online advertising

As we mentioned early, CPM means cost per mille. That is to say the cost for a thousand visible impressions. It is a reference for the cost of an ad that is published and seen a thousand times on your website. It is an indicator that is used to monitor the ads. 

How to determine a good CPM?

This question is asked frequently and it is understandable. The answer depends on many factors. 

To help you, you can take into consideration:

·         the data analysis of your past performances

·         the comparison between your results and the average results of your market. 

From those elements, you’ll be able to evaluate the quality of your impressions. 

Furthermore, be careful with your analysis. A high CPM for publishers is not necessarily a sign of higher revenues because some ad spaces might not have been sold. 

Which factors influence the value of CPM?


The average CPM varies with the level of online development in a given country as well as the spending power of its inhabitants.

Data segmentation

The price of your CPM campaigns will be higher for targeted ads than unsegmented ad spaces. 

Mobile vs computer

The CPM will be lower if the ads are displayed on mobile devices rather than computers because of  the screen sizes as well as a lower click and conversion rate. 

The specialization of your domain of activity

Higher quality websites can have a higher price because they are protective of their brand reputation and of the placement of their ads. If you are positioned in a niche sector, your CPM may be higher thanks to an homogeneous and segmented audience. 

The size of ad units

In general, the CPM is higher for bigger ad units. They are more visible and encourage more interaction. However, those indicators are not entirely reliable as the most common ad sizes usually generate higher CPM. 

The IAB/MRC norms

When we define visibility, we are referring to the ad unit for the display. The IAB/MRC (Media Rating Council) norms consider that an ad is visible if at least 50% of the ad is displayed for a continuous second in the navigator window. 

The traffic quality on your website

The advertisers are willing to pay higher CPM on websites that have more conversions and a higher ROI.

The distinction between the CPM rate and bidding

The number of higher ad units on a page diminishes the CPM rate. On the other hand, a higher offer will lead to reduced bidding on those ad units. 


Seasonality has a big influence on the traffic of a website depending on the domain activity. Consequently, there are variations in the CPM rates. For instance, we can think of summer when most people are on vacation. Therefore, there is less spendings in this period. 

What are the optimization solutions for your CPM?

Keep your ad codes updated

Once you have migrated your website HTTP to HTTPS, update your codes. 

Place the scripts according to ad networks’ rules

Verify that the loading speed is not impacted after adding the script by testing it.

Adapted ad units

Make sure that the ad units are perfectly integrated to the content of your website. They should not be aggressive or provoke the end of a session. Also make sure that they don’t mess with your website’s design. 

Diversify your ads

You can update or move your ad units, or even favor native banners or direct links. 

Rebound rate 

The rebound rate should not be above 70%. None of your pages must go over 90%. Simplify the user experience without provoking rebounds. 

Make sure that your visitors stay long enough on your website

You should work on your engagement rate. Make sure your visitors read more than 50% of your pages’ content for instance. 

Facilitate the user experience

Avoid placing ads close to call to action buttons. Use the right ad units and limit the use of pop-ups. 

Keep an eye on your click rate

Your visitors should click on the ads naturally so you should avoid questionable incitative techniques such as placing an ad on the search bar. 

How can The Moneytizer help you optimize your CPM? 

The Moneytizer is an ad network that allows you to monetize your website or blog efficiently using a technology called header bidding.

What does it mean for you?

We give the opportunity to our best advertisers to bid on your ad space in order to maximize your ad revenues. This competition between  ad partners takes place in real-time and creates healthy competition which ensures you receive the highest CPMs.

But that’s not all. You’ll find a large range of services to meet your needs:

·   Smart Ad Refresh: Actualized ads to boost your impression rates. Visible ads are regularly refreshed. 

·      Ad Quality: All of the ads of our network are secured and protected against redirections, pop-ups and malicious downloads.

·      Dedicated account manager: All of our publishers have a Customer Success Manager dedicated to their account. It goes from operational support to more technical issues.  

·       Unified reports : You can access the information on your revenues in one click. 

·         Easy set up and inscription

As well as a large choice of ad units, following the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) norm, adapted to your website:

·         Standard ad units: megabanner, skyscrapper, billboard

·         High impact ad units: skin, pop, slide-in…

·         Video ad units: in-text

You may still wonder “how do you differentiate from your competitors?”

We have a lot of partners, to make sure we meet all your needs. 

Remember, we work with a bidding system with our partners to cover all the ad units of your website. We put in place the most efficient strategy to guarantee you the best CPM at all times. 

We have a high quality support that is personalized. Our Customer Success team speaks many languages. 

« I first tried a few ad networks but the best I found to optimize my ad revenues is The Moneytizer… clever ads set up… 100% fill rate…»

Like the ones who talk about us, join The Moneytizer and increase your ad revenues.


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