The Moneytizer Product Update #1


The Moneytizer Product Update #1

… And a few surprises! The Moneytizer continues to evolve and to follow this, we offer you the Product Update. We have been working hard to offer you a lot of new features. We also have a lot to share and we will keep doing so in this new section “The Moneytizer Product Update”. 

First of all, we are now on a new Prebid version (5.19.) to be even more efficient! 

We are working on the integration of a The Moneytizer Video Pack with more Outstream formats. We will keep you updated as soon as the pack becomes available. 

Things are moving on the partners’ side as well. We have welcomed Adtelligent, BlueRoosterMedia and Smile Wanted as our newest partners. Why is it good news for our publishers? More partners mean more bidding, therefore more revenues

We are launching new ad units in the upcoming months! Get ready for in-image, parallax, native in banner,… 

Would you like to test them before everyone? The Moneytizer is also launching its beta-test program! If you are one of our publishers and meet the criteria, you will be contacted in the upcoming weeks. You will be able to preview and test our new ad units as well as the newest features we are currently developing. 

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